Temptations XXXXVII – The Grotto – Part XV

Coming to a close and returning to having those that the Succubi Queen has allowed into her world to come together for a purpose..

Temptations XXXXVII – The Grotto XV
By TeraS and Darkside

I thought for a moment. “I always look to the future from the present. Let’s deal with your threat first, since I won’t enjoy it otherwise.”

Tera nodded and then said, “If you go to the main staircase and follow the signs you will come upon the Grotto…. Darkness is there with two others and myself…. Do not fear Darkness… He is part of this place in his own way… He is a protector of what we have and of me… He will not attack you without a reason…”

She held his hand tighter and continued, “The threat to us is unknown… Save for this… One by one legends in all the worlds are being destroyed…. The books in the library are in jeopardy… As is all of the realities if it is destroyed…”

I nodded, not bothering to question how she could be in multiple places, and headed off to find her crew.

Tera released his hand and smiled wistfully, “Hopefully we can come out of this in one piece….” She stood there, her tail swishing behind her watching him walk towards herself and then she called after him, “Down the main staircase two levels and then follow the signs…” Then her form faded away from him, moment by moment until she was no longer there….

I headed out, a creeping shadow flowing down the stairs. I followed the signs and entered what must’ve been the grotto. Assuming a more ‘human’ form, I found the group and headed over.



And with that, Shadow will meet the rest of those in the Grotto and we’ll see what happens then…

Next time…


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    • James on February 9, 2010 at 9:03 am

    A small but crucisl turn, filled with foreboding.

    Thinking about you and your Eternal today, Majesty.

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