Feb 06 2010

Nahemah Movie… What ever happened to you?

This is a question that came to me while I was looking through my lists of Succubus related videos on YouTube.

This is probably one of the bigger mysteries for me at least…

And in case the embedding doesn’t work:


This is, or was, a teaser for a movie called Nahemah that was supposed to be released sometime in 2007 or so. At least the trailer/teaser is dated from that time…

It is supposed to be the work of Matt Riley and a company called MDR Productions, starring Samantha Reyes in the teaser and I assume the movie itself…

Here’s the thing…

There is nothing about this movie anywhere on the web that I can find. It’s like this was a half formed idea that was abandoned after the trailer was made for something else…

Would be nice to know if this was supposed to be about Succubi, and what the film was about if it isn’t…

Anyone with a clue about this, please comment and let me know?


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    Could it have been a joke? There is so very little here, I wonder whether it was a plan or a wish.

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