A Review of Dream Demon by Keith Gouveia

Dream Demon by Keith Gouveia

Dream Demon by Keith Gouveia

I finally finished reading a novel this week that has a connection to Succubi, and so this is going to be a sort of mini-review of it…

The work in question is called Dream Demon and was written by Keith Gouveia. It was released in 2003 and is 120 pages in length.

The story revolves around the tale of a trio of high school boys that summon a Succubus and what happens to them as a result of managing to do this.

I’ll be blunt here… I didn’t enjoy this at all…

I know that this book was written for the horror market and, of course, since the characters in the book are rather young, there is little of the “typical” succubus acts in this book.

The Succubus, who’s name is Catrina, is cunning and so very evil as you would expect her to be, but there is so much missing in her being I think.

But that pales in comparison to the actions of the bullies in this novel, and more so, the responses to their actions that the adults in this work respond with. The book started out dark and just became progressively darker ending with an event that, for me, was totally unneeded and unwarranted.

While the major characters in this novel are fleshed out, I felt as if the minor characters were paper cut-outs or worse at times. Their thoughts, actions, and more importantly, words spoken seemed dull and lifeless which bothered me to no end.

Generally, I love books about Succubi, and I have no problem staying engaged in the work until I finish it… Usually reading it again to pick up things I might have missed…

This book was a struggle for me and to be honest, I can’t see myself reading it again. That comes back to the overwhelming sense of despair, darkness and loss that seeps into almost every page of this work.

That to me, is a shame…

Catrina is an interesting Succubus, I will admit, but at times she is so stereotypical in her actions that, to me. she seems to be a caricature of a succubus.

This brings me back to something that I hold in me when I read Succubi stories. If you don’t have a sexy seductive succubus and just have something evil and dangerous, you do not have a Succubus. You have a creature of evil that cannot, in my eyes, be a Succubus and shouldn’t be called one.

I’m going to give this novel two and a half pitchforks out of five.

Can’t recommend it for those that love Succubi to be seductive, can if you are looking for horror and darkness though…

You can find this novel at most book retailers, and there is a link to this novel’s page on Amazon.com in the book cover image in this article above.


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    • James on February 5, 2010 at 8:48 am

    What does it say about our society that so many writers seem to take a creature of seduction and sensuality and turn her into somebody violent and bloody?

    I really don’t know, but it seems rather sad to me.

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