Succubi don’t play in this Playground…

And now… Yes… Once again it’s time to look at a Succubus costume and just cringe… A lot.

Devil's Playground CostumeThis is… Well it’s a train wreck isn’t it?

This costume consists of a one-pice dress and a pair of armlets and that’s the extent of it all. The boots, which don’t help this at all, do not come with this costume.

That’s right. No horns. You get to pay for those if you you want them, but why would you? I mean, it’s only a Succubus costume isn’t it? Not like having a pair of horns, or, for that matter, a tail would be of any use would it?

It bothers me the way this costume looks so unfinished. All of the threads and fabric hanging around all over it just makes me twitch and not in a good way…

They call this the Devil’s Playground, I’d me more comfortable calling it the Devil’s Trainwreck to be honest.

You can find this costume on the internet for around $45 USD. What is bothersome about that price is that there are a lot of other costumes available in which you get horns and occasionally, a tail, for the same amount of money.

So really, this isn’t a good thing to buy all the way around…

I’m giving this a half pitchfork out of five.

If it included the horns and a tail, I’d give it one pitchfork, but that would be me being generous…

Still looking…



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    • James on February 3, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Where the Devil is playing here is in getting people to shell out $45.00 for this nonsense. I hope Satan is getting his cut. 😈

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    • TeraS on February 3, 2010 at 6:22 pm


    Strangely apropos I think…


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