Temptations XXXXVI – The Grotto – Part XIV

Pushing the limits a bit is the Succubi Queen… But is it enough or needed to be or just a mistake?


Temptations XXXXVI

By TeraS and Darkside

My name… It seemed fairly irrelevent now… I could feel her stroking my stomach, a wierd sensation on top of everything I was wearing. I returned to her questions.

“I… will be Shade. I will require you as an anchor in this world.”

My first instinct when she shivered was to hold her, but then I realized that it wasn’t from the cold. I felt her rubbing against me, but before I could react, I felt our power starting to merge…

I felt my own power grow, and grow more stable. There was a tickle on my leg, but before I could react, I heard her question.


Tera smiled as her hands moved up his body. Up over his chest, along his shoulders… Her smile became sultry and she licked her lips slowly. Then her fingers found their way to his cheeks. She cupped them and then drew his towards her lips. Her scent was stronger still. The light playing off her so wet red lips. The power contained within her playing across her eyes as she looked into his. She whispered to him, her voice full of promise and passion, “Shade you are… The one between the light and the dark… The in-between and the question…”

She smiled in an amused and yet understanding way as she said, “You are so very much like me Shade… Caught in the middle with no one to take you home…”

Her lips brushed against his for a moment, the taste of cherries left behind on them for his tongue to savor. Then she pressed herself tightly against him, her tail wrapping around their waists holding them together tightly. Her lips sought his out in need and then she kissed him so deeply that for a moment they were almost as one in that moment…

Her kiss came with a flood of the taste of cherries, and my head swam. Instinctively, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her in and responded to the kiss. In that moment, I thought I could feel her… soul? Warm, kind, and wrapped in lust. I found myself wondering what she would do next.

For a time there was nothing else but the kiss for them….

Her needs and passions entwined with his so gently. He could feel her body against him. Her breasts pushing against his chest. The heat from her body warming him and adding to his grounding. The pleasure and promise of her whispering into his ears of all of the pleasures he could ask of her and she would grant them…

For she was his anchor…

The kiss finally broke and she licked her tongue across them and smiled. Her forehead touched his and she asked in a soft voice, “How may I please you Shade… Ask of it and it is yours….”

Then she tilted her head back and looked into his eyes without fear or worry of that which he desired of her….

My head swam, and I was lost in the kiss for a while. I pulled back a little and looked in her eyes.

“So where do we take it from here, eh”

Tera smiled at his question and answered, “That should depend on you I think Shade…. Ask of something and I will provide… Make a wish and I will make it come true… All is possible if you need it to be so…”

Then she slipped her hands over his shoulders to twine them  together behind his neck. She nibbled her lips as she said, “Enjoy the moment for the moment Shade… Soon the threat that I face will be and then we won’t have this moment for a while again….”


Oddly the thought that comes to me is make it so…

But that’s another story isn’t it?


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    • James on February 3, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Such a mervelous description of a passionate moment . . .

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