Temptations XXXXV – The Grotto – Part XIII

Getting almost to the point where all of the players in this tale of meeting the Succubi Queen will come face to face…


Temptations XXXV

By TeraS and Darkside

I thought about that for a moment. “I’m unfamilar with the term.” I focused and restored the rest of clothing. I still had my dignity, after all. “What is it exactly that you mean?”

Tera chuckled softly at his words of being able to live with it. When he didn’t understand the term anchor she explained, “Your world is going to be different now my dear… It’s so much less physical and more mystical than you have known… Some of the things that you will have to face now will ask you a question…. It’s one that you will have to have an answer for… Who do you trust?

She was quiet for a moment and then said, “There are only two beings here and now that I trust completely and without fear. You have not met them but you will soon enough… If you are willing and if you wish it to be.”

Tera considered her next words carefully and then asked, “Are you willing to have me as your anchor…. Or do you wish to find another? That choice is yours as all of these have been. If you accept, then there is more that you will learn from this… If not then I will guide you from here and back to your reality as it is…. And you will not be allowed to return here again…”

I stood up and restored the rest of my clothing. I really had no options at this point, and besides, it’s unlikely I’d ever find another anchor in time, so…

I bowed, “I accept.”

Tera moved close to him as he stood up again. She cupped his cheek with a hand and said, “There are others that are tied to me here for survival. I have not touched their minds for the protection goes both ways…. There are others that are here of choice and need. And the choice was and remains theirs. And then there is you…”

She placed a hand on his chest over his heart and asked, “Are you sure of this? Are you willing in this? Do you trust me? If you cannot say yes then this is all for naught…”

Tera looked into his eyes and said, “Give yourself freely and it will be so….”

I nodded. “Yes, let’s do it.”

Tera nodded and then there was a strong smell of cherry around him. Tera’s fingers seemed to pass through his clothing and it seemed like she trailed her fingers over the skin of his stomach. She looked into his eyes and whispered, “What name will I know you by and what will you require of me?”

She pressed tighter against him, the warmth of her seeping into him as she shivered slightly. She sensations of her bare legs rubbing against his caught his attention and he felt her powers begin to mix and twine with his so very carefully…

She did not attempt to alter him from what he was, but rather added to the strength within him. Her tail twisted around behind her and the tip rubbed against his right thigh. A sort green glow began to form there as she asked, “I ask you not to serve…. But to trust… Can you…. Will you…. Shall you?”


Always questions to answer aren’t there? More next time…


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    • James on January 26, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Trust is such a difficult thing . . . but not so much with you, Majesty.

    I continue to enjoy this.

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