Jan 22 2010

A Delicious Morrigan Cosplayer…

I was sent in my email last night an image of a cosplayer with her presentation of the Succubus Morrigan Aensland…

I think she is, if not the very best Morrigan Cosplayer that I have seen so far, she is most certainly in my top ten cosplayers…

Really, she’s wonderfully suited and has the body to meet Morrigan’s body shape so very nicely… The costume is all but perfect in its color, styling and presentation and the setting that she is in…

That is just icing on the cake…

I have no idea who she is or when this picture was taken, but if anyone has further information on this picture or the cosplayer playing Morrigan, I would really love to know….


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    She really is lovely, Majesty, and did a marvelous job with this pic.

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