A lovely set of Lilith posters…

I was looking on Zazzle again this morning and discovered an artist that creates digtal art. More important to me was that he has produced two works of art that are reflections of Lilith…

The artist’s name is Skydancer and you can find their Zazzle page here.

Red Lilith by Skydancer

Red Lilith by Skydancer

Dark Lilith by Skydancer

Dark Lilith by Skydancer

The first artwork is called Red Lilith and the second is called Dark Lilith. Both are commented on as being images of the first wife of Adam, so I think we can assume that these are this artist’s ideas of what the Succubus Lilith would look like…

I really love the detail, even in these small images, I’m quite sure that the posters that are offered of these works are wonderful!

Tomorrow I will have something else that is Lilith themed to share…


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    • James on January 15, 2010 at 9:18 am

    I think I like the first Lilith better, Majesty. The second looks as if she is wearing red bobby socks (an odd fashion choice with that outfit) and pasties. I can understand the author not wanting to show nipples for various reasons, but those aren’t concerns I believe Lilith would have. In the first picture, concealment of her nipples seems coincidental; I think that works better.

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