A lovely Succubus Webcomic…

I was told of a webcomic about a Succubus that I wasn’t aware of and I really wish that I would have known of it sooner. But I know of it now and I do want to tell about it…

The webcomic is called Bad Mix.

You can click on the banner here to visit the site, or there is a new link in the blogroll listing on the right side of my blog…

This is the story of a Succubus named Lorelei and tells of her visiting different people in their sleep and making their sexual dreams real, at least for a while. The series was created by the artist Gabriel Rocha, whom is a Mexican artist.

He started the series originally in the Mexican version of FHM magazine in 2005 and then branched out to publish Lorelei’s story in her own website.

Lorelei from the webcomic Bad Mix

Lorelei from the webcomic Bad Mix

Lorelei has blonde hair in a short bob-cut with green eyes. Her wings are red and black in colour but she does not have a pair of horns or a tail. She has only one outfit, that being of a black thong, stockings and long gloves with a red bikini top all made of a shiny latex-like material.

What I find interesting about this particular version of a Succubus is that she doesn’t seem to actually claim the souls of the people she comes to meet, but does mark them with a tattoo and the promise that someday she will call upon them.

At one point in the story, it is revealed that angels and demons will have a war soon and that the Succubi are a third party involved in this, what that leads to we don’t know as yet…

Regrettably, the story hasn’t been updated in a while, real life has been interfering with this tale, but I really really hope that the story continues someday because the artist, his art, and the story are something that I really would love to see return again…


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    • James on January 10, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    This is a very intriguing comic, Majesty. Thank you for sharing it.

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