Jan 07 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 107

This week’s Succubus is an anime one… This of course brings the usual problem I have that I don’t know who did it…

This art does remind me of another series of Succubus art that I have seen around the web, but it is different enough that I can’t place this work with that artist’s renderings…

Should anyone have a clue of who did this art or if there is more in this series, and I really hope there is, would you please comment and let me know?

Wish she had a tail as usual… That does bring me to the question that has always been bothering me on Anime Succuby… Why is it that the majority of these works have no tails on them? The other question that links to that is, why do so many of the anime Succubi have bat wings on their heads like Morrigan Aensland of Darkstalkers?

Questions and question to ponder, but the art is wonderful…

EDIT: With thanks to a reader of the Tale named Clark…

The artist’s name is Sadakage. His webpage is called Atra Dea.
Here’s a link to the page which contains other devilgirl art.
Disclaimer:Some of his work involves hermaphrodite devilgirls and he has a couple of pics that’d be considered mild guro.

His website is at: http://atradea.x.fc2.com/


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