Temptations XXXXII – The Grotto – Part X

A bit further in the meeting of the Succubi Queen and the one in search of…. what exactly?


Temptations XXXXII – The Grotto – Part X

By TeraS and Darkside

She smiled and said, “All life is worth living. The point of it is to learn something from the life you are given. Have you learned what is truly important to you or has the trial you have faced clouded that answer from you…”

She took his gloved right hand in her left and then reached her other hand towards his cheek. She paused a moment before touching him and asked, “May I touch you for a moment? I will not take from you in anyway but the sensations of touching you…”

She tilted her head in that strange yet comforting way that she did when she was concerned… Truly concerned about another,  and then waited for him to decide if he was willing to allow the touch or if he would pull away…

“Not all life. Not all life at all.” I shook my head. “As to your second question, well, I don’t get it.”My first instinct was to recoil, but I forced myself to relax. “I don’t see why not, I’m not superficially different than anyone else, though.”

Tera’s fingertips were soft on his cheek. A brush of butterflies as she traced over his features. She closed her eyes as she traced over his jaw line and then over his lips. She trailed over his other cheek and then across his forehead. There was an instant of… Acceptance? Understanding? Realism? It was difficult to say and then it disappeared from her face. She drew her fingers away and said, “I see. Superficially that is true…. But it’s what’s inside that counts the most doesn’t it?”

She leaned back slightly and said, “For example, most that see me assume that I am a Demon. That I am evil and nothing else. I am far more than they understand. I am not a Demon. They have no soul. No heart. I have. I am Succubi. I am the heart and soul of them all. I have my own rules and my own path to follow. The light does not know what to do with me and then darkness wishes that I was truly dark in every way.

She regarded him, “For example, the darkness would prefer that the book not be yours. The light wants that as well. One wants you gone, the other wants to claim you. And I stand in between as the tipping point.” She picked up the book and then flipped through the pages until she held it open at  a specific page. She looked at him and said, “Once you have that which you need. What are your plans then?”

“I plan to go back to my life. Like the guys who win the lottery and got back to work. They stay sane.

“While there are… elements of both sides who would not prefer a full-fledged Shadowmancer wandering around, I’m not a threat to either of them. I don’t draw power from demons or Voidwalkers, but directly from the Void itself, so I don’t have to join their eternal war.” I shrugged, “That’s why the darkness wants me consumed, because I won’t play. The light wants me gone because I might play. That’s kinda funny.”

“The universe seems old enough to take care of itself.” I laughed. “That’s far too much power for any one person to have, and I’m not a god. That is for certain.” “Heh. I had it for awhile, but then I needed to find that book. Having a different form doesn’t have to make a different person, you know.” “I saw the huge number of skeletons in the temple. And this isn’t the first spellbook I’ve found, either. The worst that can happen is going to happen anyway, after all, so what do I have to lose?” I opened the Index, found the spell I needed, and started reading.

The spell words on the page were masked by a text…

Birth, life and death, three potent words, What is it that they spell?
Our entrance in, our life upon, Our exit and our knell.

Is that, then, all that is compris’d Within those words so said?
And doth the span of passing scene Cry “Finish’d” when we’re dead?

If such be all, alas for us! Poor creatures of an hour,
That bloom unseen, that die forgot, Like passing of a shower.

Our days but few, our cares so great, And pass’d in toil and strife;
Our life a span, under a ban – No blessing, then, is life.

But if the moment of our birth – As we believe it be –
Is not just entrance upon earth, But immortality;

Then toil and care and meagre fare,While on the earth we stand,
Is but precursor, but the path That leads to other land.

Then sound of knell doth only tell Of life begun for aye-
That perfect life, sans care and strife, In the eternal day.

Tera simply sat there and watched to see if the words would make him stop and then think…


Think, pause, consider, then act…

The order matters…



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    • James on January 5, 2010 at 9:06 am

    A particularly compelling entry in this fun rp. I always enjoy it when Her Majesty delves into the philosophy of succubish-ness.

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    • Dai on January 6, 2010 at 2:22 am


    There you go 😀

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