Beautiful Succubus Pencil Art

I discovered another piece of Succubus artwork today. It has been on the web since earlier this year, but I found it searching for a topic totally unrelated to Succubi…

Now while the lovely lady in the foreground doesn’t look tooo Succubus-like, her shadow in the background does hint towards her more sexy and naughty personality.

This is the work of an artist named Venus Satanas. It is a work she created in 2006 and now has for sale on her website. The art was created over a week of effort, which really does show here in this image. The art is in a frame which is 19″ x 11″, and is part of what is offered for sale by the artist.

You can find this work for sale at this shop for $45 USD.

I’m hoping to have a copy of this art in our Succubi collection soon!


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    • James on January 2, 2010 at 10:23 am

    Another lovely picture that could suggest a story (filing away the mental image).

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