New Year’s Day in the Succubi Realm

And so here we are, a new year begins on A Succubi’s Tale, and where are we going to be this year? This isn’t going to be something like a resolution for the year or something like that.

It’s more of a wish list of what I would like to do this year in the way of Succubi goodness, or evilness, for 2010.

First on the list is going to be to write at least one story a month. That doesn’t mean a short story but something that is at least 2000 words so that I can post stuff on the EMCSA. That’s the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive for those that don’t know.

I want to write the stories that I have partially finished on the computer. And there are a lot of those. I took a quick look and have 26 started, but not finished stories. Nine story ideas, and 5 outlines in my unfinished folder. They need to get done and so that is going to be important to me this year.

Second is to actually do regular Role Playing on the Garden and the Collective so that there is real progress in the RPs there. This past year was a bunch of stall because I haven’t had the energy, time or will to do so. That has to change.

Last year I did a grand total of 12 manips on the Collective. That was the lowest number that I have posted there since I started doing manips. Never mind the Succubus ones, I mean all of them in general.

Thirdly, I need to put more time into the Realm on, our forum here. I have been too intermittent in my support of it and that shows. There are things I started and have not contributed to, such as a group of RPs there, and that needs to be corrected.

I know that the Forum has little traffic, but it is a way for people to contribute to this site and I don’t want to lose that here.

The Gallery is mostly my doing, I have been trying to add one image a day, a small number of people have helped as well, and for that I do want to thank them so very much.

But here’s the thing. If people don’t help in that, it won’t amount to much and that would be a shame.

The SuccuWiki is, most likely, the most popular part of this site, and I can understand that. It’s a shame that really it has been only myself and three others this year that have added to it. (Special thanks to Danny for his help and guidance… You have been a blessing to me…)

So there are my thoughts for the coming year and the year past. Hopefully something good will come from all of this pondering…

Happy New Year!!



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    • Dai on January 1, 2010 at 9:10 am

    glad to do my part . XD


    I know you like succubi fan fiction check this site out

    look for story “The Letting”

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    • James on January 1, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Majesty, many of these are things you should not be expected to do alone. Nor should you expect yourself. The things you haven’t gotten done are largely, dear Majesty, due to the fullness of your life, for good or ill.

    And you skipped a most important thing: you have been a friend and a blessing to so many of us, and a true love to your Eternal. These are monumental things. Even if you did only that, you would continue to make the world a better place.

    And I know you will. All that and more. Have a wonderful 2010.

    Your heart

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    • TeraS on January 3, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Dai, that story doesn’t come up on a search…

    Any chance of a direct linky?



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