Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 03 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 102

This week’s Succubi is a deliciously erotic image of a powerful Succubus I think… First of all, she has a wonderfully drawn tail that was the first thing that caught my eye… I can do or do without the wings, but they are a nice match with her outfit. Her horns are a bit on …

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Dec 02 2009

Tinkerbell the Succubus Costume… Seriously?

I’m still looking at Succubus costumes, yes I know that I have found few that I like and more than a few that just make me go ewww… But this one I like in an odd way… I’ll explain that reason why in a little bit… What you get with this costume is the following: …

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Dec 01 2009

Temptations XXXVII – The Grotto – Part V

This week’s Tale of Temptations of the Succubi Queen reveals that not even the Queen can do every single thing exactly right all of the time… _______________________ Temptations XXXVII – The Grotto – Part V By TeraS and Thamior, Cyprusmage, and Darkwalker’s Shadow Tera answered Tristan first, “The others cannot leave until their choices are …

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