Dec 31 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 106

And so the year comes to an end. As that happens, the Succubi Image of the Week also falls upon this day. I looked into a folder of Succubus images from this time last year and came across this one…

There is an overwhelming amount of cuteness in this work I think. The little riding crop pitchfork is a perfect touch with the whole innocently evil look of her.

I do wonder about her horns though. They sort of look like she has a viking helmet on for some reason when I look at her.

I don’t know who this is supposed to be exactly, the image had so information added to it, so that’s a big unknown. And once again, the artist’s name is not shown, nor do I recognize who it might be.

There is a story behind her I think, maybe someone that is more aware of the anime universe will be able to point out the connections to me.

I can but hope at least…

Have a Happy New Year!!!


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    She is quite lovely. I think it is the black bars/bands around her horns that make them look a bit off, Majesty.

    As for a story, maybe we need to give her one.

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