Dec 30 2009

A Poor Attempt at a Succubus Costume…

I wish that some costume makers would put a smidgen of thought into their creations. I mean how much thought do you have to put into a costume of a Succubus?

This costume is called Ms. Demon. I shall not start ranting over that name for it. Ms. Demoness might have worked better, but we are stuck with what they came up with aren’t we?

What you get in this set is a pair of sequined devil horns, A satin dress, zipped in the back with see-through shoulder straps. The skirt is attached to the outfit permanently as well.

And that’s it.

No tail, no gloves, and the shoes and fishnets are not included either. So if you want something to add to this, that’s extra.

This costume sells for approximately $35 USD on several sites on the web.

But really, is this worth buying? I suppose as a safe for kids costume it would fit the bill, though I think that otherwise I wouldn’t even consider this as an option.

I’ll admit that the horns are, just a little bit, tempting just for the pokieness of them.

If I had to wear something in public that didn’t push the envelope of sexy, I suppose that this costume would fit the bill.

But, so could any red mini that I own. And most likely I would be happier I think.

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five, mostly because of the “wear it anywhere” look of it…

I’m hoping that next year will bring costumes that are more promising than what I have found this year…



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    I hardly ever use these words: Majesty, you are . . . perhaps less than correct.

    This is not safe for kids, because kids should be exposed to as little ugly as possible. They are impressionable.

    I maintain that this is a wear-it-nowhere look, an any-succubi-caught-in-this-on-the-streets-of-the-Realm-should-be-arrested-for-littering look. Though, an incubi willing to wear it in public should be given points for bravery.

    I would give it one-eighth of a pitchfork out of five. Yes, a costume could be worse, but it would require effort, and I don’t see any effort here.

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    The idea seems to be… “Instant Succubus- Just add horns”.

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    I’m going to see if I can find someone with design skill for prints or just art…we should be proactive and make at least a design for a good succubus costume

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    *snugs for Sis*

    Happy Holidays Sis!!!


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