Dec 25 2009

The Succubi Queen’s Christmas Manip – A Christmas Spanking for a Succubus

It’s Christmas time again, and so, this will be the 2009 Succubi Christmas Manip from me this year…

Just click on the image here and you’ll be taken to the full size image…

I want to thank James so so much for the story here, as it is really his with a few little additions that I placed into it at the end of the story. Without his help in the rhyme and meter of the work, I know quite well that it would not be half as wonderful as it is now…

So I will wish you all a Happy Christmas, all of the joys of the season, and may all of your dreams and wishes come true, now and in the future…

And for those that want to read the poem here:

Ow! I got spanked by Santa Claus

By JHB with some small help by TeraS

Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus

right next to the Christmas tree just now.

He brought gifts to the Realm

and I hoped to overwhelm

him with a look, my curves,

my tail, then climb him like an elm,


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus

when I tried to slip into his pants.

One twinkle from my eyes

and his pants soon held a prize,

and within seconds that

gift was this shapely succubi’s,


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus!

Seems he gets real randy in that sleigh.

When I peeled off his suit,

old St. Nick went for my loot.

First off, he spanked, and

then he yanked my tail ‘cuz it’s so cute!


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus!

Now my corset matches my red bum.

The fat man’s gone, I curse,

knowing that might make things worse

I’m on his naughty

list and have this tender ass to nurse,


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus!

Still, he left nice gifts under my tree.

Two gifts he knew I’d need

–one was knit and one was tweed–

tail cozies for those

winter winds.  Oh, what a thoughtful deed!


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus!

Tail cozies do more than keep me warm.

They make me want much more.

It’s not just my bum that’s sore.

I’m horny all the

time. My pussy’s dripping on the floor,


Ow! I just got spanked by Santa Claus!

Other gifts are opened, one by one:

sex toys, clothes with skin-tight fit

all to make guys and gals submit.

A sweet spanking led to lots of fun!

‘Cause naughty gifts are worth being naughty for!

Happy Holidays!!


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