Succubi Image of the Week 105

It’s the day before Christmas on a Succubi’s Tale, and you would expect that the Succubi Image of the Week would have a Succubus dressed up for Christmas wouldn’t you?

You would be correct!

A Sophie The Succubus Christmas

A Sophie The Succubus Christmas

There is a story to tell about this image for those that are not aware of it… This is the mascot of Reaper Miniatures, her name is Sophie… Sophie the Succubus to be exact…

She is the source of a series of small metal figurines that they produce, and as part of that, they release a Christmas edition of Sophie each year for the past several ones. But this year is a little different as with the figurine itself, they have also shown some artwork that the figurine is based on. Of course, this art is the one that is this week’s Succubi of the Week…

She is the creation of the artist Bob Ridolfi. whom I think has done some lovely work with Sophie and other designs over the years…

I love the mistletoe that she is holding in her wing claw and the expression on her lips and in her eyes in this artwork is, to me, just perfect for a Succubus showing her come-hither look…

If you want to see the result of this art as a figurine, click here to go to the Reaper Miniatures website page.

Happy Holidays!



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    • James on December 24, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Come here, lover! Come see Sophie
    ‘neath her sprig of mistletoe.
    Doesn’t she look like a trophy,
    boots cut high and bodice low?

    She looks harmless, smiling sweetly:
    butter won’t melt in her mouth;
    all her gifts are wrapped so neatly.
    Soon your will is flowing south.

    One more step. You’ll feel no pain, dear,
    taken in her arms and wings.
    But you’ll need more than eight reindeer
    to escape the gift she brings.

    One crooked finger, one “come hither,”
    you’ll leave lover, husband, wife
    for her stocking. Do not dither:
    serve her; it’s a wodrous life!

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    • TeraS on December 24, 2009 at 11:10 pm


    Lovely lovely writing my heart as you always do…


    Happy Christmas!


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