Temptations XXXX – The Grotto – Part VIII

We see what happened, but not the why… The why as always is something that is hard to understand be you human, mage, dragon or Succubi…

It always is…


Temptations XXXX – The Grotto – Part VIII

By TeraS and Thamior, Cyprusmage, and Darkwalker’s Shadow

The first thing that John saw was a blue axe slicing through the air towards Pamela. She raised her hands and a mystic shield appeared between her and the attacker deflecting the blow away from her. She turned and dove over a couch that was behind her and then popped back up again. As he watched, She cast a spell of fire and threw it at her attacker….

And the scream was like that of a wild animal….

She stood there with a satisfied smile that she had hurt her attacked, but a moment later that look of triumph was washed from her as the axe flew through the air, just missing her head by inches and slamming into the wall behind her. She turned to look at it for a moment…

And that was her downfall…

Almost in slow motion a ball of dark fire flew towards her and then melted into her back…

And she screamed as she realized that she was lost…

The transformation began at where the blackness had touched her and slowly spread over her. She gathered herself to cast one last spell at her attacker… As the ball of energy left her she said, “You are as doomed as I…”

There was a flash of flame and then a scream like a creature being torn asunder…

And then the Pamela’s body was transformed to stone…

Then all was quiet in the room for a time until a black shape entered. Touched her and pulled Pamela’s soul from herself….

And then the memory ended…

John stepped back into the physical side of Tera’s realm, ignoring the pain in his side. His head was turned down, eyes looking into the middle distance. The memory was still fresh in his mind, and he was left visibly shaken by the experience. Despite his…experience with the spirit world, traumatic echoes always came as a shock to him.
His gaze narrowed, and after a few moments he glanced up at Tera, a driven look in his eyes.
“Where’s that axe?”

Tera walked to John and said, “No way…. You are hurt and I’ll be damned if you are going to kill yourself in this… You take a break and heal for a while…”

She looked at Darkness and said, “We’d better open up the meditation room…”

He nodded and moved from the group back into the library proper to get the place Tera mentioned ready for them.

At John’s look of confusion, she explained, “It’s a mediation room for normal people…. For magic users you can heal faster there….”

With a little grunt she wrapped her arm around his waist and guided him outside of the Grotto, Tristan following them out and towards the library, their path going past the Special Collections as they did….

His first thought was to disagree, but he realised that, if anyone could repair direct pattern damage, it would be her.

“That weapon…” he said, as she led him into the meditation room, “has to have some sort of clue for us. It was the only thing I could see if Pamela’s assailant. Which means…I don’t know, there are more than a dozen possible explanations, and I’m not sure we have time to eliminate them all…”

Tera nodded, “A clue… or a trap or something… I haven’t allowed anyone to touch it for fear that there is something there… There is power around it, but it seems to be frozen or held in suspension…. And that worries me… What is it’s purpose….”

The group exited the grotto and moved into the area of the Grand Staircase. They were passing by the downward staircase when the sound of footsteps above came to their ears. Tera smiled a little and explained, “Hopefully we will have some more help in this John….”


And here it gets a little complicated as another storyline connected with this one…

That story is for next week, but will still be called part of The Grotto storyline…


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