Dec 19 2009

A Succubus Christmas Picture Tease…

I’m pondering the annual Succubi Christmas manip… Not going to be a lot of changes in the image I think as it’s mostly going to be the story that matters in the end…

Christmas Teaser by TeraSI know that this tease doesn’t show a lot, but let’s remember that it is for Christmas so you really shouldn’t expect to know what your gift it ahead of time now should you?

If you search in the Tale, you can find previous years Christmas manips that came out really well I thought…

This year I just don’t think I have the time to manage an involved piccy, so I pocked something that I only need to change a little bit in order for it to be Succubish…

Besides this project, I am poking at some unfinished stories that I hope to be posting here and elsewhere in the near future…

I hope…

Keep your fingers crossed that I can do all that I am hoping for in the holidays…

Love and Huggles



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    Opera-length gloves and corsetry are terrific place to start from.

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    Hoping that the whole thing is as yummy as I hope it will be!


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    I’m sure it will be absolutely spectacular, Majesty. I look forward to what you will be doing.

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