Succubi Image of the Week 103

This week I am, at the generous allowance of the artist, posting a somewhat different, yet really amazing piece of art…

Last week on Friday, I posted a link to the Locus webcomic by Adam Black, and thie week I am, for this week’s Succubi, posting a piece of his art that he placed on his Blog in the past… Adam’s art blog is here.

Succubus Prisoner by Adam Black

Succubus Prisoner by Adam Black

He posted this image in April of this year and noted that it was done as an album cover insert for the band Necropharmacon, who’s website is here.

Obviously, this drawing shows a Succubus that has been ensnared and is now imprisoned by someone…

Interestingly, her tail isn’t trapped… I wonder if whomever trapped her knows that some Succubus tails are just as dangerous as the Succubus herself… Binding a Succubus is a tricky thing really… Not all bindings are as secure as they should be really…

Adam’s work, and you really should have a look at his blog, because it’s just amazing how much he puts into every drawing, really I think only scratches the surface of his talents…

Yes I gush, but there are few artists that can really draw a Succubus…

Adam is one of those…



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    • James on December 10, 2009 at 9:25 am

    All bindings work on a succubus, it’s just that some of them work for different things . . . such as masturbatory focus or playful distraction (whether the binder knows that or not . . . a bit of danger for said binder).

    It looks to me as if this succubus may be having huge amounts of fun.

    And fantastic work, Adam!!

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    • Larss on December 10, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    A Succubus seducing someone into her becoming her thrall can take many forms….

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