Wearing the Succubi Horns – Seduction-in-Disguise by Darkwalker

This wonderful story of Succubi horns was written by Darkwalker for this year’s Realm Halloween Writing Contest. He has written more in the story, expanding it and the story of Kim and Darren in ways that I didn’t expect to see when the story started…

Your Light


Kim looked nervously at the sparkling ‘Music and More’ clock over the register, watching the last hour of mall business slowly fade away. Her supervisor, Cole, had ‘volun-told’ her that she needed to work a little longer this evening to help deal with those ‘last-minute party needs’.
Knocking on the doorframe to his ‘office’, Kim called to Cole – “Hey, Cole, This is a mandatory staff party, right?”

Cole looked up and nodded, “Yeah, the owner put a lot of money into this shindig and he wants his write-off”

“Cole, I don’t even have a costume, yet – I was going to get one after I got paid, but since you had me cover Maddy’s shift, I don’t have anything and practically no time to get it.” Kim paused a second to catch her breath, “I really need to get out of here if you expect me to show up for this thing.”

Cole looked angry at first, being called on his mis-appropriation of personnel resources, then his features softened – ” No problem, Kim, just don’t forget to clock out”

She nodded, “Thanks, Cole, I’ll see you at the party.”, then closed her register before charging out into the nearly empty mall. The majority of the halloween shops were already closed or picked clean, leaving Kim with no prospects for any decent costume.

Kim didn’t have time to go searching all over town to find a costume – she was so upset towards Cole for his bullshit maneuver, that she was just short of crying. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder – loosing a small shriek, she turned around to see the owner of the local gamer-geek haven, Darren, behind her.

“What’s wrong, Kim? You appear somewhat distraught…” She couldn’t help the small smile that found it’s way to her lips. Darren may have been “the King of the Geeks” in his “Fortress of Geekitude”, but hearing his voice was just like having your cheek brushed with silk to her.

“Oh, hi, Dare, Cole kept me late so his girlfriend could turn herself in to Frankenhooker for the halloween party the boss is throwing, so now I only have about an hour before I’m supposed to be there, too, and I can’t find a costume in this godforsaken mall. It’s mandatory attendance, so I can’t just not go and…”, her voice started to crack as her emotions began to overflow.

She didn’t remember exactly when she grabbed Darren and started crying into his chest, but she knew that was what she needed right now. When she’d cried herself out, she pulled away, apologizing, “Sorry, Dare, I’m just so pissed right now, it seems like nothing’s going right tonight.

Darren tipped her chin up to look into her hazel eyes, “Well, then, let’s change that…”, he paused, ” I am going to let you in on a little secret. My store is not how I make my living – I am a makeup artist. I work in movies and earn some money in my off-time by doing costumes for cosplay. I can change you in ways you could never imagine. Put yourself in my hands, my dear, and no one will hold a candle to your beauty, when I’ve worked my ‘shadomagick’.”

Kim shuddered at his words and the promises they held, then nodded, softly replying, “I’m all yours”.

Darren smiled “I’ll remember that later, maybe after the party. Now, before the rest of the stores close, go buy a really sexy outfit, in blacks and reds, and some killer heels to go with them. Then come back to my shop so we can begin your transformation.”

Kim brightened, “I’ll be right back!” and ran to her favorite “party wear” store. In a flash, she was in front of Darren’s store, ‘Shado’s Realm’. He’d closed half the doors and was waiting for her. As she approached, a courier in the classic brown uniform ran up to Darren with a package, apologizing about illegible labels, blah, blah.. Darren just gave him a look, examined it briefly, signed for it, then, spotting Kim, smiled and gestured her to enter, locking the doors behind them.

This was the first time that Kim had actually set foot in his store – it wasn’t the deep, dark dungeon she thought it would be. Flat screen TV’s along the walls were hooked to different video games and DVD players. A few framed posters of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror movies separated glass-walled cases and a large, locked display case lined the back wall behind the register. Her surprise must have been obvious as Darren laughed, “Not what you expected, is it?”

“No..”, Kim gasped,” it’s so cool, I thought, -”

Darren said humorously,”it would be like some teenage recluse’s basement?”

“Yeah…”, Kim replied, embarrassed.

Darren laughed, “No, that’s my apartment…” Smiling, he opened the door leading to the back offices. “Come, enter the inner sanctum.”  Passing through the office, they entered a large workshop, walls lined with masks, prosthetics, and makeup. Kim’s eyes nearly left their sockets at the sight.

“This store is my tax deduction, and it gives me more workspace than my dining room.” Setting the small package on his worktable and opening it, he mumbled “Now, let’s see what we have here…”  As it’s contents became visible, his eyes lit up and he laughed, “It must be fate!”, then held up a set of smooth, red devil horns on a transparent headband. With smoldering eyes, he looked at Kim and intoned “You’ll make one sizzling hot little succubus!”

Kim shivered, she wasn’t sure if it was the look in his eyes or the way he said it, but she felt that arousal deep in her core. She quietly gasped, “Oh, yes – Please!”

Darren smiled wickedly, “That’s the spirit! First I need you to put on your new outfit to see if I’ll need to make any alterations.”

Kim went into the dressing room and put on the outfit she had purchased, a short, tight black silk skirt and a red silk demi-tank top. She wasn’t too large up top, so the thought of going braless for one evening wouldn’t be too bad. Stepping into her new shiny black leather 5-inch CFM heels, she exited the stall to seek Darren’s approval. From the look on his face, she had it.

“Wow!!! Who would have thought you were hiding such a sweet, sexy body under those polos and khakis.” Kim thrust out her chest a bit to make the most of her modest cleavage while Darren walked around appraising her form.
“Okay,” he said, “one small problem with the skirt, but nothing I can’t fix. Take those back off, put on one of the smocks in there, then come back and sit in the chair. Time to get to work.” Kim did as he said and then watched in fascination as he began the transformation.

Working quickly, Darren fit long, beautiful crimson nails onto her fingertips, then began working his magic on her cosmetic appearance while the glue set. Lastly, he affixed the horns to her scalp, styling her auburn curls around them. “Now, stand up and turn your back to me”, he instructed. When she had complied, he lifted the smock slightly and pulled her panties down an inch in back, revealing just the top of her buttocks. Kim then felt something cool and wet swab across the top of her hips and down along the bottom end of her spine, then something soft wrapped around her waist, growing warm and soothing.

Darren continued to smooth the area about Kim’s waist, illiciting a soft moan from Kim. “I wish he’d do that a little lower,” she thought to herself, smiling naughtily while nibbling on her lip. He stopped his caresses far too soon for her liking and she tried pressing back into his hands. He told her to stand still while the adhesive set. He then moved to a sewing machine in the corner to make some adjustments to the skirt.

Standing in the cool room in a thin smock with half her ass exposed was invoking some powerful feelings in Kim. Reaching under the smock, she found herself lightly caressing her deliciously firm breasts with her glossy crimson nails. Gooseflesh flowed from her breasts to cover her body and slowly pulsing warmth began to radiate from her core. She began softly tracing her folds within the soft fabric of her thin panties, her growing arousal become more evident as she indulged herself.

Darren had just finished altering the skirt to make room for the tail prosthesis he had attached when he heard Kim’s soft moans. Looking up, he was greeted by the amazing sight of Kim’s naked body, her smock lay discarded on the table and her saturated panties did absolutely nothing to conceal her aroused and engorged mound. The scent of her arousal filled the workshop, a mix of sweet summer berries, spring dew and raw animal lust, inciting a hunger that no food or drink could ever satisfy.

He’d seen this before, individuals becoming so lost in their alter-ego that it became a true transformation, but this was something else. His work was good, but he was pretty sure her hair wasn’t that long when he put the horns on her head. His thoughts were then disrupted by the impossible – her tail twitched, then moved to curl about her thigh, then teasing her folds as well with it’s heart-shaped tip.` Slowly, sensuously, Kim slid her crimson fingertips back up to her breasts, pinching her nipples, moaning as she licked her lips. She turned to Darren, smiling with her gently glowing emerald eyes. The flush of arousal tinted her entire body a subtle shade of red. Her hair cascaded down her back in raven waves, seemingly caressing her back. She looked at the silken fabric in his hands, “Is that ready for me?”, she purred.

Darren stared at her dumbly for a moment, then nodded, his voice lost to him at the moment, then rasped in a dry voice, “Yes! Yes, its ready. There’s a hole in the back for the,” he swallowed hard, “um, tail.” She glided over to him and kissed him softly, nibbling his lips a bit as she took it from him. “Thank you, Darren. You’ve done marvelous things for me tonight, and I won’t forget it.”

She stepped into the skirt and slid it up her silken thighs. Her tail set itself into the opening in the skirt Darren had made for it and Kim set the hooks. Then, picking up the tank top, she lifted it over her head and dropped it down to drape over her succulent breasts. She then turned back around and stood before Darren once more, her 5-inch heels putting her eye-to-eye with him now. She kissed him again, smiling, “I haven’t forgotten my promise, Darren, I’m all yours, but I have a party I simply must attend.”

Kim turned and started to walk out of the shop then looked over her shoulder at him, smiling, “Care to join me?”

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    • James on December 6, 2009 at 1:22 am

    Yes, I really enjoyed DW’s contribution to the series, and how he expanded it. Great work!!

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