Nov 29 2009

Smoke & Mirrors – A Succubus Manip

I know that last week I gave a preview of another manip of a Succubus that I am working on, but this week’s is something that’s finally done and so…

A long time ago I was sent a PM on the Collective to make a manip about someone using smoking to hypnotize someone… Now I don’t smoke and really don’t see the point in it…

But I was, or still am mostly, involved in an RP in the MC Garden in which there was a scene in which the Succubus used a cigarette and smoking to ensnare someone…

Smoke and Mirrors by TeraS

Smoke and Mirrors by TeraS

So that’s what this manip’s story is based on…

Not a lot of actual Succubiness in this image save for the tint of green in her eyes and the red of her nails… Special thank yous to James for fixing the randomness that was the story before he worked his magic upon it…

The next one will have a lot more Succubi in it by far..



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