Wearing the Succubi Horns – Untitled by Cirith

This story is the work of the writer Cirith on the MC Garden (Link is in the right sidebar over there…) She didn’t have a title for this story of a Succubus, so I have simply left it as an untitled work here as well…

*huggles and thankies for Cirith*

Thank you so much for doing this!


Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

Using a finger to mark her place, Paige put down her pen and picked up her mobile phone. It was Halloween. Everybody else in the house was busy getting ready for the big “Angels and Devils” party with the other Greek houses.  Nobody should have time to be texting her.

Flipping open the phone, she scanned the text from her best friend Sarah. It contained three words – shes started rounds

Nothing more was needed. “She” was Darcy Thorndike, legacy and current President of the sorority. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a body to die for – think Pamela Anderson with class – Darcy also had a determined streak and a cunning brain. Her rise to President in her junior year and the manner in which she ran the house were testament to that. If Paige wasn’t dressed for the party when Darcy knocked on her door, the consequences would be extremely unpleasant. And quite possibly, public.

Swearing vehemently, Paige dropped the phone and hurried to her closet. Flinging clothes everywhere in her wake, she finally dug out the box from the costume shop that had arrived two days earlier.

“Okay, Sarah,” Paige muttered as she stripped. “Let’s see how you’ve managed to keep both me and Darcy happy.”

The open box yielded an array of items. Stockings, garters and gloves in black. A dark red corset in brocade, trimmed in tiny black lace ruffles. A short black skirt with a slit up one leg and a sleek red tail. There was a note pinned to it that read Sorry, they were out of pants, S. Lastly, there was a pair of small, shiny red horns on a sleek black band.

The costume fit like it was made for her and all that was missing were shoes. Brow furrowed, Paige dove back into her closet. Where had she put those spike heel, knee high, black leather boots?

Fully dressed, Paige stood before the mirror. She really didn’t look too bad. The costume was pretty classy and the horns managed to look both adorable and sexy. In fact, she felt sexy, and she could almost swear her eyes had taken on a glow.

“Paige? Paige!” The bedroom door slammed open and a buxom, scantily clad angel burst into the room.

“Really, Darcy, didn’t you ever learn to knock?” The words left her mouth before Paige could stop them. Uh-oh, she thought as Darcy’s eyes narrowed.

“How dare you speak to……..” The angry words died off as Darcy took in Paige’s attire. Her eyes seemed to bulge and her mouth dropped open. Paige felt a little shiver of power at the other girl’s stunned expression.

“As you can see,” Paige said silkily, moving towards Darcy, “I’m all dressed for the party. No need to worry, after all.”

Darcy nodded mutely. She couldn’t seem to tear her eyes off Paige, and her breathing seemed to be getting a little faster.  Paige stepped closer to the girl, put a hand on her cheek.

“Are you all right?” she asked concerned. This behaviour was not at all like Darcy.

Something like a moan made its way from between Darcy’s lips. Her face was flushed, her breathing ragged and her nipples were clearly visible through the white bikini top she was wearing.

Driven by impulse, Paige ran her hand down the girl’s cheek and along her neck slowly. Keeping her eyes locked on Darcy’s, she let it drift lower until it cupped the girl’s breast. At the stroke of her fingers over the nipple, Darcy mewed in pleasure and pressed closer.

“You like that, do you?” Paige murmured. In a sudden movement, she spun Darcy around so they were both looking in the mirror. Her eyes glowed softly as she draped one arm across Darcy’s waist and used the other to pull away the girl’s bikini top.

Darcy’s eyes had become glazed, her breathing rapid. She swayed a little as Paige began fondle her breasts; first one then the other with firm, teasing strokes. As Paige slid her other arm beneath the spangled sarong and panties she wore, Darcy moaned and arched her hips eagerly.

“Look at you,” Paige murmured in to the girl’s ear as she slid a finger between her folds. “So aroused. So mindlessly overcome with lust. I could tell you to do anything right now, and you’d do it willlingly. I could make you put your face between my legs and put your mouth to proper use, and you wouldn’t hesitate.”

Paige paused, and slid a second finger inside Darcy. The girl gasped, then began to grind herself against Paige’s hand.

“In fact,” Paige’s grin was wicked, “why don’t you beg me to let you do that?”

“Please, Paige. Please let me eat you out.” Darcy was whimpering in arousal and frustration – the need to obey and the need to cum at war within her. “ I need to lick, I need to ….OOOhhhhh!” She moaned in ecstasy as Paige’s thumb found her clit.

“Perhaps later, pet. Right now, I think I’d better give you what you really want.” Increasing the rhythm between the girl’s legs, Paige brought her other hand up to Darcy’s face. Tilting it round to her own, she murmured “Come for me, pet” before kissing her.

Paige felt the orgasm overwhelm Darcy. Torrents of rich sexual energy snaked through the kiss into Paige. She’d never felt this alive, this sexy, this powerful before.

Releasing a dazed Darcy, Paige checked her outfit in the mirror. After a last sultry smile for her reflection, she opened the bedroom door.

“Hurry up, Darcy!” she called over her shoulder as she walked down the hall. “I have a feeling this is going to be a party to remember!”


Just a yummy transformation story!

Thank you again Cirith for playing in the Realm!


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    • James on November 28, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    This was a marvelous tale. It was so great to have such wonderful writers participate in this.

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