Two Years of A Succubi’s Tale

Today is, for those that aren’t keeping track, the second anniversary of A Succubi’s Tale… There have been over 150,000 visits to the Tale in that time, and I have managed to keep a daily posting schedule going for these past two years. December 1st will be the second anniversary of the SuccuWiki as well, for that I hope to have something special picked out to commemorate that there…

I have been trying to write a story for this anniversary, it really didn’t appear as I wanted it to, it might never appear unless something manages to fit all of the pieces together the right way… If there is such a thing at least…

So for now, this is what will be…

I want to thank those that read my ramblings occasionally…. There are many people that I need to thank…

My hubby Keith for… Well for everything, everyday of our lives…

I especially wish to thank James for his support all of this time *huggles*

And to FreezeFrame, Fzzy, Larss, SisWindy, Dai, and so many others of my online family that have commented and encouraged me to continue with this….

Thank you always…

I’ll try and do better on this, the third time around…

Love and huggles always…




By TeraS

There are two sides to a Succubi. One is the side that you see, the other is the side that watches for what might be. That other side is called a Tail. Almost every one of them has a name.

Except one.

That one is Tera’s Tail…

She’s always been known as Tail. No one really knows who she was exactly, though there are signs which point to who she is…

It’s assumed that the now passed on Queen, Tera’s Mother, did know, or rather does know who she is. But she isn’t telling either…

Tail is a Domme. She’s demanding, desirable and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it from you.

Her pets know that well…

She has, without a thought, reached into the minds of beings that have crossed her path and twisted them into creatures that live only to serve, obey, and beg to be controlled by her will….

Then there is Tera…

She’s the opposite of Tail. She doesn’t force anyone to obey her, make them do what she wants them to…

You see, Tera is the Mistress of Seduction…

She’s seductive, playful, looks into your thoughts and sees your needs and dreams. She’s a Domme. But she dominants with silken desires that twine themselves around your thoughts leaving her essence within you…

She doesn’t have to force you like Tail needs to. Tera just opens the door and lets you decide what to do next… If your dream is to fall to her, then that happens…

Two different beings, sharing one form…

Tera… Raven haired seductress of the night…

Tail… Red headed Domme of desire…

Tera… Red horns and tail…

Tail… Black horns and tail…

Which one is for you?

Or are they both what you seek?

Two sides of the coin to pick, or would you have both instead?

Which submission do you seek?


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    • James on November 22, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Two done:
    twice the fun
    of only one;
    great stories spun,
    and pics that stun,
    joy, bar none,

    As she
    sets thoughts free
    so wondrously,
    the Queen surely
    makes family
    we can see

    Let’s go
    watch posts flow:
    all in a row;
    each day, we know
    this will grow
    just so.

    End here?
    Have no fear!
    Another year
    will make it clear
    our Tera Dear
    has no peer.
    Let’s cheer!

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    • TeraS on November 23, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    *just snugs and hugs for my heart*

    Your Dear One

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