Wearing the Succubi Horns – Succubish by FBH

I’ve posted a couple of stories from the 2009 Halloween Story Writing contest on the Realm of the Succubi. This one is the work of the writer Fembotheather who found the word “Succubish” interesting…

This wonderful little tale is the result of that and I thank her so very very much for her kindness in joining in!




By Fembotheather

‘Fucking reports, fucking meetings… fucking men dropping their work on her desk at the last minute,’ Cynthia fumed to herself as she locked the bedroom door and began to undress. Yes, they always saddled her with their work, she knew, and yes, she always did it, even sometimes apologizing for it taking longer than expected.

She knew it was wrong and so did they, but they also knew they always got away with it.

Cynthia Leary had gotten to the party late. She hadn’t had time to put on her costume yet so she asked Kendra, the hostess and her good friend from work if she could use the bedroom to change.

The shy, mousey brunette had decided to do something different tonight, she had always been shy, been ignored, been taken advantage of and she had decided that tonight they would all see a different side of her.

She pulled out the “costume” she had bought; actually she had bought a Dominatrix outfit and as an afterthought bought a pair of cheap demon horns to complete it. When she had stopped home and played her messages earlier there had been one from S Realm Costumers frantically trying to reach her but the machine had cut off before they could explain. Cynthia would need to contact them tomorrow, she figured. S Realm was where she had bought the horns earlier that day.

Naked, she looked at herself in the full length mirror, Kendra had always told her that her body deserved to be shown, privately, she wanted to, but oh, shyness was a hard curse to beat.

The horns were atop the bag, she felt a slight charge run through her body as she held them, deciding to wait to put them on she put them aside, not noticing the slight red glow they had taken on, or the slight buzz in her mind. It felt good though and she wrote it off to excitement over her “moment”.

The Black leather pants had slipped on like soft cream as she pulled them up. Her body felt electric, the pants set off her slender curves in all the right ways and the smell… the leather smell filled her nostrils.

Next came the corset, for a second her shy self wanted to put everything back in the bag, but a new resolve rose and she zipped it up without another thought. Her mind whirled, the leather smell was overpowering, she steadied herself as her vision blurred, the corset felt like a creamy shell, a second skin… it was heaven. Deep within she felt a warmth growing, it felt wonderful, lost in a fog she stood, watching her leather body slip on the elbow length black gloves. Her mind floated in red fog and leather essence. Cynthia’s leather hands floated over her body, she had never felt like this before, electric, alive; sexy.

The boots, zipped up next, high, black, creamy leather sealing her feet in tight and snug, the heels creating an erect, powerful stance, she felt like a new person, so free, so… so not herself. Distantly she saw the horns behind her glowing redly. ‘Oh’, her fogged mind thought, ‘they glow’.

Drawn to the horns, she lifted them up, a moment of confusion stopped her, somehow this all felt wrong, very wrong. She looked at herself in the mirror; her long brown hair hung wildly, having been released from the tight bun of work life. Her body shone in sexy, tight curves as never before, her eyes… hmmm. To her confused mind her eyes seemed to glow in a soft red haze.

Another electric charge flew along her nerves as she felt herself forget the confusion of a moment before. She lifted the horns to her head.

As they touched she felt a stronger charge, like a shock. For a moment she was afraid, she pulled at the horns but they wouldn’t move. In her panic she saw them fuse to her head.

Then she lost herself, falling back on the bed writhing in wanton abandon, at first her mind felt fear, but then new feelings took over, lustful feelings, her body was on fire, her hands moved with a mind of their own, caressing and kneading her breasts through soft leather.

If her mind had been able to think she might have been alarmed that her tail… tail… yes her tail, the slender, arrow tipped tail which had appeared just moments before was reaching around and easing into her waistband.

Cynthia moaned as she felt herself penetrated. Her back arched in ecstasy as the mind blowing cascade of orgasm took her. Her body gyrated as the waves of pleasure plowed through her.

“Are you ok in there?” A concerned Kendra asked through the locked door.

Apparently at some point her moans had turned to a scream.

“Ummm… Yes.” Cynthia answered, somewhat breathlessly, collecting herself. She stood, steadiness returning to her features as she looked at herself in the mirror, her whip of a tail flickering behind her in wide arcs. “I’ll be right out.” She said in a new, husky voice. The red glow of her eyes now a soft incandescence.

‘Mmmmmmm… yesss…’ she thought, smiling wickedly. ‘This night will be one to remember.’

The smell of sex and leather, and something vaguely like electricity hung in the air as she saw her new, powerful self in the mirror.

Cynthia let out a husky laugh as she went out to join the party.

Happy Halloween.
The End

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    • James on November 21, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    It is wonderful to see this hot, exciting, well-written story among the “Wearing the Horns” bunch.


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