Nov 11 2009

A Short Remembrance…

Today, is of course Remembrance Day…

And so a poem of Remembrance on this day…


Memories of Remembrance

By  TeraS

The world spins on and on

Day following night’s path along

A speck in the universe to see

On that speck is all we are

All we know

All we have been so far…

Time passes, history moves on

We grow older, wiser

That is what is hoped for on and on…

One moment arrives in the year

A change to think, reflect

Consider their service

We see them but occasionally

Fewer and fewer of them are left

To tell of what went on…

We move in our days without care

They watch and wonder about us

Why the memories in us all seem to fail…

The bell tolls

The silence reigns

The rifles sound over the field…

Did you remember?

Did you thank?

Did you offer to listen?

Let not the past return

Let their sacrifice be for not

Let the lessons be learned…

We are just a speck

We are all we have

We just have to learn…

They fade away again

Their words quiet

They still hope for us all…

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