Nov 06 2009

A really cute Succubus Mousepad…

I really love the art that people create that have Succubi in them…

This art is on a mousepad, but I’d love to see it as a small poster or mebby a small art print someday… somehow…

Succubus Mousepad by Miyuki Taito

The artist is Miyuki Taito, other than that I know little else about him or his other works…

You can see this on sale here.

Lovely wings and look of her, though the tail seems a little bit off… Not quite a devil tail is it?

He did another Devil Girl mousepad  as well:

Devil Girl Sitting by Miyuki Taito

You can see this on sale here.

Again, her tail seems really odd…

Still, I love the Succubus art he created a bunch!


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