Oct 30 2009

An Asian Succubus/Devil Girl Poster…

I was sent this image by a reader of the Tale last night and I would love to be able to own a large copy of it…

But there’s no way to contact the artist…

Asian Devil Girl by Binh Nguyen

This is entitled Devil Girl by the artist Binh Nguyen. The problem is, although I have a name, and I even have a website and email…

None of it works.

And that is really disappointing…

If anyone should read this and have an idea on how to contact this artist…

And no, Google isn’t a help in this…

Please let me know?



  1. avatar

    She is quite lovely . . . and, as usual, I am of no help, 😕 😳

  2. avatar

    I second praise for the picture.

    It’s always supremely frustrating when the google fails. Vaguely reminds me of an organic chem professor who had his own special term for electron pushing which when put into google only returned the very homework assignment I was trying to work on.

  3. avatar

    It wouldn’t be so bad if his site wouldn’t come up as existing in Google, but it doesn’t really…


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