Oct 28 2009

A Fuzzy Succubus Costume…

Well Halloween is only a couple of days away… I’m mostly ready with what I am going to wear for our Halloween get-together…

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t keep looking at other ideas…

And shaking my head over them…

Fuzzy Succubi

I really think that this idea was something like…

Hey we have a bunch of these red fuzzy dresses we need to sell! Put horns with them and sell them as Devil Costumes…

Honestly I can’t see the point in this idea…

Anyway, what you get is a red stretch velvet dress with marabou trim that laces up in the back, a pair of fuzzy red devil wings with glitter flames, and devil horns.

I think that overall, this is okay for something you might wear to a “PG” rated Halloween party, but I wouldn’t feel really sexy wearing it…

This sells for $60 US..

I’ll give it one and half out of five pitchforks…

Lots better to be seen…



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    Maybe succubi in northerly climes get furry . . . and maybe, for those who are not of the Realm and may actually be demonic, this is a special challenge.

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    Some people will buy anything :p

    Could be worse. I remember a girl one Halloween who’s costume consisted of a gray slip and a pair of mouse ears. ^_^

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    Well Sis… You know that some put more effort in than others…


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    I just want to know what the final outfit looks like…lucky Eternal.

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