Oct 26 2009

Storm Clouds XXV – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here…


Storm Clouds

Chapter 7

By TeraS

“Tom. Talk to me.”

Camilla was standing there looking quite concerned at him. He let out a snort, “I’m good. You wouldn’t understand.”

“That you lost someone close to you? That you where hurt? Still are? Always will be?”

She frowned, “You haven’t a lock on pain, Thomas. No one does. Not ever.”

He thrust his hands into his pockets, “Alright, I’ll assume that you are telling me the truth and that you aren’t going to kill me.”

She nodded as her tail moved from side to side behind her.

“Why me?”

Her tail stopped, “That’s not for me to tell you. If you want to know, you’ll have to ask Tera about that.”

He managed a smile, “Passing the buck or thinking that I can’t handle it?”

A shrug, “Both.”

He walked up to her, looking at how she had changed. It was still the girl he had met not that long ago. Just had some optional extras added to her. If he overlooked that, she was still a woman…. No. That was wrong. She was what she was, but she didn’t lie to him…

…that one thing alone made her trustworthy.

“Alright. I’ll talk to her later. Camila, what… why are you?”

She rubbed her hands along the side of her dress, “We are grey. We aren’t all evil or all good either. We make choices just like you do. Sometimes they are good ones, sometimes they are bad ones, but we choose to do and be what we are.”

“Nice speech.”

She winked, “Thanks… Been working on that for centuries actually.”

“Now how about the unvarnished truth?”

She nodded, “In short, we are in limbo beeen light and dark. Both want us and both are afraid of us. You can think of us as wildcards Thomas, but there is one thing, one promise that we have that we can’t forget… people like you have to make your own choices, decisions, and actions…”

He put a hand up, “I didn’t choose to be here.”

:Oh yes you did. You chose to come. You chose to knock on the door. You chose to see what you could find out. All of that was your choice.” She waved a hand, “All of this followed because it had to otherwise you would have never accepted a lie..”

He thought about that and can to the decision that she was right. He wouldn’t have let this lie, ignored it, moved on. That wouldn’t have happened because it was not his nature to do that.

“Besides giving me the breadcrumbs to find you, why did you pick me?”

Camilla shook her head, “Can’t say.”

A question came to him, “Yell me something. Are there angels and all that other stuff?”

“Yes. Angels, devils, dragons, faeries and more are all real. It’s just that your world has forgotten about the wonders around it… mostly.”

Tom wiped a hand over his eyes, “You know that this is all too much to take in.”

Her hand was soft and gentle on his shoulder, “You are, really, one of the few people that can handle this stuff Thomas. Most people would be screaming and running in circles at this point.”

:What makes you think I won’t?”

“Curiosity… You want to know the secrets. Your mind is wanting to know answers you have had since the day you were born. Most of all, you won’t let yourself back down from a fight Thomas.”

Tom thought that over for a while. It was true that he was wondering about a lot of things…. more than he wanted to be. But three things came to the forefront. He had a mystery. He had a job to do…

…and a promise to keep.

He looked her straight in the eye, “I need a partner in this. Someone that knows the lay of the land. Someone that will watch my back.”

She nodded, “You will in our world.”

He offered his hand, “I… I will trust you Camilla. I trust that you will watch my back.”

She took his hand, “I promise. I want a promise from you too. Wherever this goes. Whoever did it. Whatever it takes, you won’t walk away.”

They shook on it and then Tom asked, “Where are we? Fill me in.”


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    Yes, I get the feeling that more than one level of the story may be moving forward here

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    Thank you for doing it by chapters, it makes it much easier to read.

    So many wonders to see …oh what adventures you will have, Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

    I like this still.

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    You’re welcome my hero….


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