Oct 21 2009

A close, but not quite, Succubi Costume…

The thing about a Succubi costume, at least to me, is that it should be elegant and sexy… It has to be otherwise what’s the point in wearing it? Looking lousy isn’t sexy and that is something that I have always thought about when picking them…

This one, I picked about three years ago…

Seductress Costume

Now the thing is that you don’t get the horns or the pitchfork with this outfit. That actually was fine with me as i have a beautiful silver pitchfork that was a nice match for it. For the horns I used a pair of small plush red ones that matched the dress as close as possible.

But the fringe-like shawl over the shoulders I removed from the dress and instead I went with a pair of long red latex shoulder-length gloves.

But no tail. Mostly because there was no way you could add one to this without destroying the material.

You can find this all over the web for usually around $45…

Lovely and sexy and it’s still one of my favorites…

4 out of 5 pitchforks… But that is only because of the alterations…


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    Just goes to show that you make everything better, Majesty! 😉

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