Wearing The Succubi Horns – Cherries

As part of the 2009 Halloween Celebration in the Succubi Realm, we are having a little get-together where the theme is a special set of costume horns being put on by someone and then… Well… The Succubiness begins from there….

This is a story called Cherries, written by myself. It’s too long, doesn’t follow the rules and so it is, but isn’t, part of it really…

But it was fun to write and hopefully it will help me to finish a bunch of other stories of the Succubi that I really want to finish…

Hope you enjoy it!



By TeraS

“I’m not wearing this Lynne! No way, no how!”

Those words were thrown with a good deal of force by a dishwater blonde twenty-something inside of a change-room in the back of a costume shop. Sitting outside and reading a fashion magazine was an Asian girl with long hair. She flipped the page she was reading over and replied, “Oh shut up and try it on Trish. You lost the bet so that’s what you are going to wear. So put it on so I can get in there.”

The curses and mumbling continued for a while and then Trish walked out of the room holding a bag in her hand, “I did. You’ll see it at the party later. Come on and I’ll pay for this… and yours… and we can go home.”

Trish slammed the bag on the counter before grabbing Lynne’s bag and putting that on top with a loud thump. She fumed at the smirk on Lynne’s face as she walked out the shop door to meet their friends in the mall outside. The girl behind the counter coughed and said, “Umm, you can pick an accessory for your costume for free if you want? It’s part of the two for one offer.”

Trish waved her hand at the clerk, “Oh just pick something for me will you? My so-called friends just want to embarrass me with this costume.”

The clerk pondered for a moment and then said, “Oh? Well then, how about you mix it up a bit?” She reached under the counter and then put a small cardboard box into Trish’s bag, “That’s for you okay? Not for your friends. I think that it will make them look at you in a new light.”

Trish paid for it all, thanked the clerk for her kindness and apologized for being grouchy to her, giving her an invite to the party they were having Halloween night.

And so, that is how Trish found herself standing in front of her mirror looking at herself in an angel costume. Once again she tried to make the halo straighter above her, fix her plastic wings so that they were more comfortable, and tried to make the gossamer white costume reveal a bit less of her than she really wanted to show.

Lynne barged into the room in her outfit. She had braided her hair into two long ponytails and squeezed herself into a too-tight fitting Japanese schoolgirl outfit that showed off a lot of her cleavage and, if she bent over far enough, would flash her panties at anyone that cared to look. She giggled, “Oh you look so innocent Trish!”

Trish gritted her teeth, “And you have the slut look just perfect.”

“Fine. Be a stick in the mud tonight if you have to. Just don’t fuck up my fun tonight or else.”

The door slammed as she strode out, leaving Trish in her room looking at the bag from the store and the scattered packaging strewn all over the place, and in the middle of all of that.

That cardboard box the clerk in the shop had given her.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Trish pulled the box over to her, placing it in her lap, and then broke the seal to see what was in it.

To her surprise, it was a pair of red devil horns on a headband. She smiled at the silliness of it all. She was supposed to be an angel in this costume, but the devil horns would make her look like she wasn’t.

She pulled the halo out of her hair, tossing it back onto her bed and making her way towards her door putting the horns into her hair as she did. Just as her other hand touched the door handle she sniffed the air in confusion… Cherries?

And then the world went black.

Dan was Lynne’s boyfriend of the moment. That meant that she liked having sex with him at the moment, and that made the other guys and girls jealous of him, which was just fine as far as he was concerned. Lynn had told him that she had a surprise to show him before the party and so he had arrived early for it, dressed in a toga.

He was walking towards her bedroom when a door to his right opened, a slim hand with long red nails reached out and pulled him inside, to the aroma of cherries around him as it did.

Lynne was standing there in an angel’s costume with devil horns on her head. She pressed him against the door and purred in his ear, “Hello lover. I haven’t had a good fucking in days. Why not?”

Dan wanted to answer, but there was something making him rock hard and making his mind think only of bending Lynne over and fucking her like the little slut he knew she was. He sniffed the air again, the scent of cherries stronger than ever, and his mind glazed over. Moments later, and Dan was plowing her from behind, her moans and screams muffled by the pillow beneath her.

What he didn’t see, or care about, was her hair turning blonde, and the costume she was wearing turning red.

Paula was Lynne’s roommate, mostly because she was the only one who could really tolerate her wild side. She was placing a pirate’s cap on her red hair when the door opened and then closed behind her. Assuming that it was Lynne, she continued to work at her costume, the scent of cherries coming to her nose, making her wet and needy. Turning around, she saw Lynne standing there in a sort of angelish-devilish costume with a wicked smile on her lips. Paula looked to the floor and whispered, “Yes Mistress?” What no one knew was that Paula had been Lynne’s subby for several years and that was the real reason she stayed with her.

Lynne slinked up to her before putting a hand up under Paula’s bra and saying with a purr, “You haven’t eaten me out today, little slave. On your knees. You can do that right now.”

Paula’s mind was hazing over as the words from her Mistress sank in. Within a minute, she was on her knees, her tongue buried into Lynne’s pussy and her thoughts only of obedience for Mistress…

What she didn’t see was the white angel wings on Lynne’s back turning black, then becoming large and bat-like before moving in the air behind her. She also missed Lynne growing a long slender red devil tail behind her which snaked around to slap Paula’s ass with its end.

In the kitchen, Rachel was putting the finishing touches on the snack table. She had decided to just wear her cooking school outfit as she was going to be in the kitchen all night anyway. As she was looking it over one more time, the aroma of cherries filled the room becoming overpowering. The petite redhead found herself gripping the table with one hand and her other hand rubbing frantically at her clit trying to make herself cum.

There was a purr behind her, “Bend over the table, Rachel. I’ll make you cum, honey…”

She didn’t hesitate for a moment at the command, pushing the food in front of her away enough to bend over it. A moment later a long wet tongue lapping at her pussy, and in the next moment she came to the smell of cherries around her.

Lynne crouched behind Rachel, now with red skin, a long supple tongue, and bee stung lips.

But Lynne also came back into the house after having a smoke outside. As much as she wanted to smoke in the house, the other girls had warned her that she would be kicked out if she did. She was looking into the hall mirror to see that her hair was perfect when she smelled cherries…

. . . and found herself looking at herself standing in the middle of the hallway. It was her. Same hair, same looks, exactly what she saw every morning in the mirror except that…

. . . she was a demoness.

Lynne pressed herself against the mirror as her other self came closer, her hands moving over her body as she spoke, “I really should thank you in some way, Lynne. You were the one who picked that store, that costume that you are wearing, and the one that you picked for me.”

Lynne had an instant of clarity and gasped, “Trish?”

Her answer was a laugh as her mirror self transformed into Trish…. Or something more than Trish… She had long platinum blonde hair with two long sharp devil horns in it. Her body was… God it was making Lynne wet and achy just looking at her. Large firm breasts, a shapely sensual body, a bare, wet, perfect pussy. She wanted to look away, but the flutter of the bat wings behind her, the long red tail moving from side to side, her green eyes that held her.

Lynne couldn’t do that. All she could do was moan and whimper as Trish touched her chin with her long red nails and spoke, “Yes. It’s me. And thanks to you Lynne, I’m a Succubus… A creature of sex and desire…. And you desire me right now Lynne…” She placed her hands on Lynne’s shoulders, “On your knees, my little Asian fuckslut. You are going to make me come and then… Oh then, my little cunt, you are going to serve me forever, just like all of the rest will…”

The last thought that came to Lynne as her tongue and lips touched Trish’s clit was that she really should have picked the angel costume for herself…


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    • James on October 16, 2009 at 9:05 am

    I say, with respect and trembling, that Your Majesty is wrong. This story did not quite follow the guidelines, but it is very much part of the gathering.

    This is a delicious tale with lots of heat and naughtiness, and it is so very succu-halloweenish. Well done.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 17, 2009 at 8:12 pm


    Thank you my heart…


    • avatar
    • Gryphon on October 26, 2010 at 1:33 am

    WOW! DOUBLE-WOW!!! I laughed until it Hurt!This is Wonderful, Wild, Sexy,
    Just what a Silly Succubus should Be!!
    Another case of “I want to Meet That Girl”

    • avatar
    • TeraS on October 29, 2010 at 3:17 pm


    Thank you Gryphon…

    Hoping that 2010’s story is as well liked…


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