Temptations XXVIX – Gavin and Marie – Part XIII

Gavin and Marie’s battle with the Queen of the Succubi starts to come to a head…

Which of them will lose theirs?


Temptations XXVIX – Gavin and Marie – Part XIII

By TeraS and Gasman

Once again in his own helplessly needy physical form, Gavin did notice one small change. Whatever the dark figure had done in order to converse with him astrally had amplified the little spark of his unchanged self that had remained nestled deep within MeanMarie’s slaveboy. He felt the slightly muted writhing and thrusting of the body above him and saw the silently pleading eyes, their colour and their shine no longer speaking of the nasty intentions, the almost-cruel teasing of the creature that had ensnared him.

Part of him was a little disappointed that it was completely gone. And it was not just the part that was still in the thrall of that Marie. It was nice to be able to release himself to be played with like that for a little bit. And there was something… exciting about how far she was pushing him. Sort of like skydiving without a parachute, really.

Which was a good analogy for what he’d answered. He wanted the parachute of SweetMarie’s influence. A NaughtyMarie, he decided. But how…

“Oh… Sooooo gooood… Need… No… Don’t need… Just want… But not like this…” he managed to mumble out, his slave side, not to mention his libido, making this task very difficult, “Marie… Please… Stop fighting her…”

Marie’s eyes widened at his words and she whispered, “He…. He won’t stay…. Not for me… No one would… Not for a woman like me… After all of the things I’ve done to him? To her? It’s never going to happen…”

The tears came again and the hard face she tried to keep to him began to crumble… She tried to look away from him as she said, “If I can’t control him… If I can’t have him in the way I want him… Then there is nothing for me… She’ll have him…. And I will be alone within her again, never to see any of it…”

She paused a moment and then her eyes opened, a look of shock within them. She asked, “End this…. I didn’t learn anything from my time…. Maybe she will…. Maybe she’ll figure it out… Because I can’t…”

The look in Marie’s eyes was one of horror… Let her win? Let her have everything? Let her become for all time? How could she? The pain she had caused? The suffering she had inflicted?


She rode Gavin trying to get her release… Trying to free them of Darkness and her so black self… She cried a flood of tears and moaned out to him, “Nooo.. Can’t…. She’s going to hurt you again! Can’t let her! I…. I….”

Marie tossed her head back and then forward again. For a split second her eyes and Gavin’s met and she managed to cry out to him, “Love…. you…..”

Then the moment passed and she was awash in the trap that held them both tightly within its grasp…

As the pair bucked and writhed in futile limbo, he was able to muster enough strength to keep himself from falling over the edge and even enough to focus on her words, and gasp out a reply.

“I know you do… That’s why you can’t fight her… She’s part of you… And if you fight yourself, your dark… side, she’ll win. Accept it. A little dark lets us appreciate the light more…”

Just before he became too engulfed to carry on speaking, his eyes caught hers again, pleading with her to understand him, while he tried to hold on long enough for her to do so.

Marie’s mind was splitting at the seams when Gavin said the words Accept it

But she didn’t want to… Not truly so…

Why did she have to allow that damn woman the joy of touching Gavin… The chance to be with him… The small pleasures and then great ones that they could share….

Why should she?

Her body was tossed to the side for a moment and her eyes broke from Gavin’s….

And fell upon the side of herself that she hated so much….

On her knees…



Asking for it all to end…

And Marie’s heart couldn’t remain stone for her…

She looked at Darkness as he considered her dark side’s fate and then mouthed the words, “I forgive her…. I want her… Give her to me…

Darkness smiled at the dark side of Marie before him, then gently took her chin in his hand and kissed her forehead – “She already has… You cannot know the light if there is no darkness – nor can you know darkness if there is no light. Gavin wants all of Marie, not just the one he met originally. Your own darkness speaks to him – he relishes it – he appreciates it, but he does not desire to surrender his being to it entirely. I can take your powers, Marie, but I cannot take your knowledge without destroying you both. That I shall not do.”

Looking over at the other Marie, her pleas resonating in her eyes – “She would not see you suffer death or destruction – but she does not know that she, too would eventually die from the separation.” Stroking both Marie’s cheeks, a pulsing violet aura flowed between them. “This is the Marie that the embodiment of her passions.  You are the essence of her strength. It’s time you were one once more.”

The violet aura dissolved the form of Marie on the floor as motes of light flowed into Marie – when the aura faded, Darkness leaned over and kissed Marie briefly on the forehead and whispered – “Now, you are one. Take this man and love him as he wishes to be loved, cherish him as a most prized possession, and praise him for being man enough to take you on.”

He walked to the door and as he closed it, he said – “Oh, by the way…. You may cum, now” – and vanished.


One last part of this story to come….

Next week…



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    • James on October 6, 2009 at 11:41 am

    I am still really enjoying this . . . a very powerfuk Temptations tale!!


    *shot for obscure Yu-Gi-Oh! GX reference*

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