Temptations XXVIII – Gavin and Marie – Part XII

Gavin and Marie meet the Succubi Queen’s Darkness now…

Will they survive him?


Temptations XXVII – Gavin and Marie – Part XI

By TeraS and Gasman

The silver grey mists concentrated around the bed, swirling, rising in the dark behind Marie. The pair’s need to climax becoming frantic but their reward was denied them as a cold silence filled the room, washing over them, freezing them on razor’s edge of their release.
The only sound was their own gasping breaths until a low, sepulchral voice reverbrated through them – “Marie… I am soooooo disappointed in you.”

From the darkness behind Marie, a muscular male figure of inky blackness walked around the side of the bed to stand beside the two entwined lovers. Stroking Marie’s cheek gently then allowing his hand to slowly drift down to her aching, throbbing nipples – he draws a dark claw across the very tip, sending even greater sensations through her – ” You could have had everything you wanted, Marie… I granted your fondest wish, granted you the power you craved… I forbade you one thing and one thing only – You were not to meddle in the affairs of the Succubi, no interference, no enslavement of them, and above all – never cross Queen Tera!”

“The Queen and I have an… understanding… she has dominion over the lustful passions of man – I have dominion over the… darker passions… It has been a profitable arrangement – until now… until you.”

Looking at Gavin for the first time, a feral grin appears on his face – “And you, mortal… You have the Queen’s blessing upon you.” Dark eyes glow wickedly – “and you wasted it upon this creature? Is this truly what you desire?”
Reaching down, he reaches into Gavin and pulls him as his core-self from the bed, Gavin finds himself completely free of Marie’s power and influence, standing beside a well-dressed gentleman, looking at himself and Marie frozen in passion.

Darkness turns to Gavin and asks – “Tell me, Gavin, what do you really want?”

The faint weight of the mist was the first thing he noticed, but only tangentially, his attention almost consumed by Her passion and his own desire, already pushed well past breaking point. The voice was the same, only heard, not listened to or understood, simple backrground noise. The new presence was more consciously noted, but until the figure decided to make any threatening move, he was content to leave him be. His motions seemed to help Gavin’s goal, designed to drive even more pleasure into his Mistress…

He was dimly aware of the meaning of the stranger’s words when directed at him, but could not devote enough concetration or desire to answer until the dark figure reached towards him. Into him. For a moment it felt like there were two of him, two Gavins and the strange figure seemed to be invading the space, the being of both. Then he was whole again. Whole but for his body, which was less disconcerting than Gavin might have imagined, but still somewhat confusing.

“Huh? How?” he began, before the previous few minutes filtered through to his now liberated mind and memory, “Oh…kay… I thought this was Tera’s doing to start with?”

He was briefly concerned with the state of undress his astral form was in, but just as quickly, it was clothed in simple slacks and a shirt.

“”Whoa… Oh, the question, I suppose I’d best answer before you turn me into a frog or a bimbo or something, right?

“Well… On the one hand, I was doing this to save someone I’m not fully sure exists anymore, at least not in the way I’d thought. Assuming everything I saw was true, that Marie’s buried, latent, but not in control much of the time. On the other hand, I can see some of the appeal to your voluntary ‘slave’ types. Simple life, gorgeous woman, some frustration but a lot of pleasure. I suppose what I’d want, at least in this context, is a compromise. Programmed or not, that was sorta freeing, but I’d still like to be… me in some way, and have a bit of my own life…

“Is that what you meant?”

“You are under Tera’s protection as far as that is concerned… You have agreed to participate in her game. I would not substantilly alter you without Tera’s permission…” he pauses to allow him a breath of relief – ” However, I dohave her permission to make some modification in order to properly deal with Marie.”

Darkness seemed to contemplate Gavin’s observations for a moment – then moved next to Marie and kissed her deeply, drawing the dark powers he had bestowed upon her from her body, until only a fraction remained – then turned back to Gavin.

“That, young man, is exactly what I meant. You have answered honestly, which is something I value, regardless of my reputation and what others may think Darkness represents…” – looking down at Marie with disappointment – “Even the ones who I have taken into my care.”

Laying a hand on Gavin’s shoulder, Darkness guides him closer to the bed – “I would like nothing more than to give you exactly what you want, Gavin – but Tera’s game, Tera’s rules – you can have what you desire, but you must work for it… You will have to take back what the domme has taken from you – refuse her with every bit of your will… but give it willingly to the Marie you desire… Then you shall have what you desire…” – then he smiled – ” and now, you owe me… for I have given an amazing power… to choose your own destiny.”

Darkness then returned Gavin to his body – when Gavin could see once more, the mists and darkness were gone.

Before releasing Gavin fully, Darkness turned again to Marie. Instead of reaching into her chest, he swept his hand through her from her throbbing, aching clit to the top of her head extracting not only her core-self, but her incredible arousal as well…

As her core-self manifest, wracked with need, she instantly fell to her knees in unfulfilled hunger.

Darkness appeared manifest in black armor, eyes glowing fiercely with dark light – “Now, you undisciplined child … We will settle this to my satisfaction….”

Marie didn’t hear the words of Darkness to Gavin… All she knew was the pleasure that built up stronger and higher with each scream from her throat… Her mind raced in circles trying to think of some way to be free… Some way to release her needs…. It didn’t matter to her for one moment about Gavin… She needed to cum and to hell with the rest of the universe….

Then it was like she was torn from herself and then the world spun around her. She found herself on her knees looking at Darkness. The hate within her grew and boiled until her body trembled in need for the powers he had pulled from her. She growled and then she thrust herself at him, Her long nails looking to claw and scratch at anything she could attack when she came to him.

And in all of this, her body and Gavin’s continued to pleasure each other, not in the mindless lust that they had before, but in the needs of want they could share…. If they tried…. If Gavin dared… If Marie would listen….

So many ifs….

So so many…

Marie’s growl told Darkness that he had accomplished much of what he desired to do. As she leapt, he made a simple gesture and Marie found herself floating suspended in air, spread-eagle, her aroused and needy body open to whatever punishment he might desire to inflict upon her.

Chortling grimly, he brought her closer to him until she could not help but stare into is darkly glowing eyes.

Taking her chin in his gauntleted fingers, he growled menacingly – “Marie, you have been a very naughty little girl. Whatever shall I do with you?”

Marie growled and twisted in midair trying to break herself free of his hold. Then she looked at him with hate in her eyes saying as she did, “What haven’t you done? You GAVE me the power!!! You expected that I wouldn’t use it? Why not? What else could I do? You made sure that the power was so seductive…. You made sure that I would be brought from the depths…. You made sure that I would do all of the things I have done….”

Her arms trembled as she tried to grab him and tear into him anyway she could…

Tears began to flow from her eyes as she demanded, “Either destroy me… Or release me… One way or the other I will have Gavin as I want him to be… NOT as she does!!!!!”

Meanwhile on the bed, the real Marie found herself still held on the edge of the release she needed so desperately… She managed to look at Gavin and silently pleaded for him to help her…. Somehow……

If he could….

The dark armor faded from his form and he appeared as he did to Gavin, stroking the tears away from Marie’s eyes – “You are not thinking now, child… If I destroy you, you will not have him. If I release you, without the powers granted you, you are but half the woman he desires… The rules I gave you were for a reason – to keep you safe from yourself.”

He lowers her closer to the floor and drops her arms to her sides, keeping them there as he stroked her hair and temples, drawing the fury from her, creating a pulsing red gem from it. “You and I need to settle this before I release you, Marie. Know this – the power you had before is no more. You are only who you were born as. How will you deal with Gavin now?”



That is a question to come…

*huggles and thank yous for Darkness in helping in this tale*


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    • James on September 29, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    More wonderful storytelling here! Thank you GM and Darkness and your Majesty for this fine tale.

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