Temptations XXVII – Gavin and Marie – Part XI

It’s hard for me to write as an evil Succubus, or anything really evil to be honest. I still think that the seduction is what matters to me most of all… I just wish that I could write evil well…


Temptations XXVII – Gavin and Marie – Part XI

By TeraS and Gasman

Marie stood there and allowed Gavin to dry her as was his purpose for the moment, her mind pondering what she would do with him next. The old Marie… The one that was kind and wanted to be nice to Gavin was influenced her actions more than she would like, but that was only for the moment. She expected that with what was coming soon that Marie would be pushed into the depths of her mind and she could once again make Gavin play to her tune….

Marie blinked and the green of her eyes gave way a little bit as the sensations from Gavin’s attentions aroused her once more. The purple creeped into the edges of her eyes and then she said, “Gavin…. You can leave the bathroom as it is….” She snaked out a hand and wrapped it around his stiff cock, a slight smile appearing at the edges of her lips. She gave him a little squeeze and told him, “You’ve been a very good slave… So I won’t make you lay on the floor beside my bed tonight…. Come along Gavin…. Come along…”

Still grasping his cock, Marie walked out of the bathroom totally nude, Gavin moving quickly to follow her, the warm hand around his shaft both giving him pleasure and at the same time keeping him slightly off balance as she led him though the hallway towards her bedroom.

As she walked, Marie spoke to him, “Gavin… You are so close to cumming aren’t you? You need to explode all of that hot cum out of you…. Don’t you? Well…. You might…. You might… But first you are going to pleasure me as you should…. And then…. Oh then….”

She didn’t finish the sentence, leaving the possibilities of what might be racing around Gavin’s mind. They came to the end of the hallway, a pair of double doors wide open, his Mistress’s bedroom within them. Marie gave him a little tug with her hand and walked over the threshold, the thoughts of what she was going to have him do beginning to make her pussy so wet…

She drew him towards the bed in the middle of the room. A four post bed with black sheets upon it, the pillows in white at the head of the bed. Releasing him to stand nearby, Marie walked the short distance to the bed and then slowly sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide, her right hand teasing at her folds as she spoke, “Gavin…. Come here…. On your knees…. Your lovely tongue has some work to do…”

He began to notice something change in Her demeanour, in Her expression before all ability to concentrate was robbed from him as Her teasing fingers wrapped around his shaft like it was a leash. His whimper of need and denial did little to dispel that analogy as She walked him out of the bathroom, his mind only barely aware enough to acknowledge his having pleased Her enough to avoid the floor with another moan.

He was reduced to a slight jog to follow his Mistress, and he was reacting more than anything else, as it was nigh impossible to do anything but respond to the pleasure and pressure She was subjecting him to until they passed through the threshold of Her bedroom. He was aware of the taunting words, leaving the outcome unspoken and causing him to ache even more in agreement with Her reading of his desire. But he still knew that She was right, Her desires came first.

As She perched Herself on the luxurious four-poster and began to lure him with Her languid caressing of Her body and play upon his need to serve Her by slowly masturbating Herself, in an almost fatigued manner, letting him know what he should already be doing. His senses still clouded by the throbbing sensation that constantly drew his mind back between his legs, he was still able to kneel and crawl over to Her. He took one deep breath and two reverent kisses of Her silky thighs, restraining himself from more as his tongue was beng called further up.

He began to lap slowly at Her moist opening, his tongue soaking up each drop of Her juices as they slowly found their way to his lips. He slowly made his way around Her netherlips, making sure to start of easily, not wishing to ruin the anticipation for Marie, but also taking care not to be interminable about it, his job being to pleasure Her, not frustrate Her. As he gradually picked up pace, he was able to spend more time honing in on the little jewel that crowned Her perfect womanhood, and even took the liberty of exploring Her intimate depths with his busy tongue, and kissing a little way up Her mound as he felt the wave begin to build within Her, hoping to delay it just a moment or two more.

Marie’s mind was awash in the pleasure that Gavin was pouring into her. The two sides of her slowly slipped under the warm bliss of Gavin’s touch. Good…. Oh so so so good….. Need him…. Want him…. Take him…. Bend him….The needs of both Maries crashed into each other and then split apart again in the pleasure. Marie’s arms fell to the bed and she allowed herself to give into Gavin’s pleasures…

Gavin pushed her further and further with each moment. The need to cum began to build and build until she was on the edge of cumming so so hard that her screams would be heard through the walls easily. The moment was almost there…. Almost… So close… So close….

And then something like a switch flipped within Marie. Her voice was echoey as she commanded in a strained voice, “Lay on the bed Gavin. Obey. You will lay beneath me as is your place…”

She did not allow him a moment to think, to wonder, or to be concerned. She pulled him onto the bed and then straddled him in need. Her pussy dripped with her arousal as she pressed herself against his length, soaking him with her juices. She tossed her head back and then looked into Gavin’s eyes. But there was something wrong with her eyes. There was no green…. No purple… Only white….

Marie commanded him again, “I will ride you Gavin… You will do everything you can to pleasure me… Make me cum…. And when I do…. All there will be will be the ecstasy…”

Slipping a hand behind her, she raised herself off him and then in one quick motion drove his cock so deep within her with a growl of need and desire. She began to pump him in and out of her sopping wet pussy, the heat building and building within them both…. The screams of pleasure from Marie’s lips drove Gavin further and further towards the release that they both desired….

But it didn’t come…

It was there… So close that the two of them could feel it… Taste it… But no….

It just wouldn’t come….

Unseen to Marie or Gavin at that moment a faint silver grey mist began to roll into the room from the hallway outside and flood around the bed as Marie continued to thrash upon Gavin’s cock crying over and over again, “More!!! More!!!! Oh yessssss more!!!!!!

He was so intent upon fulfilling Her needs that it took a moment for him to respond to Her sudden change of heart, but once he did, he was easily thrown on to the bed. Her strength made resistance impossible, although whether physical, or mental, it mattered little, the result was the same, only the manner of his own compliance would’ve changed. His lips twitched slightly into a glimmer of a smile as he realized that She was going to allow him to finally release. So long as he was able to provide Her with the pleasure and worship She rightly deserved, of course.

He was so happy at the command made, that the subtle shift in Her eyes went unnoticed to his conscious mind. He simply laid himself open, allowing Her to begin to straddle and ride him at Her own pace. He gasp and moaned, but in the beginning restrained himself from moving much beyond the uncontrollable squirm the bolts of erotic sensation Her bucking and pounding hips and wamr pussy sent resounding through him. But as they both ebbed higher and higher, without cresting, he was less and less able to do so, and his hips began to lift from the soft bed, thrusting into Her as She slid onto him, his hands gently, but firmly grasping Her hips and quietly urging Her to move harder, quicker, trying desperately to outrun the ever-elusive edge they were trying to tumble over. He even began to attempt pleasuring Her in other ways, his hands slowly working their way to Her breasts, his tongue to Her nipples, but to no avail.

“Please, Mistress… Fuck me… Please, let me make you cum…” he begged, his voice a constant moan now, unable to comprehend why neither of them had reached their peak yet, when the pleasure that surged between them was so far beyond that point…


But next week, as we will see, there is always a price that has to be paid….


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    • James on September 22, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    There is still a wonderful story here, Majesty. And all you can write is what is in your heart.

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