Sep 17 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 91

For this week’s Succubi Image of the Week, I actually have two images that I discovered…

Demon 01 by  Lukewarmness LeisurelyDemon 05 by  Lukewarmness Leisurely

You can find the original source for these images here.

I still am amazed at the quality of images that can be created with 3D programs… I think, but I’m not 100% sure that this is from a game in which you can build your own characters… If anyone can read the original source of these images and explain it better I really would be thankful!!!



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    Lovely images, Majesty, especially (for me) the one on the right. It does raise issues of the implications of pink-, or is it mauve-?, haired succubi.

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    The website seems to be a fansite of a game called (I really like) “The elder scrolls: Oblivion.” You can’t make characters like that in game (I’m sure) so he/she made her him/herself. Nicely done even if she/he did not make it.

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    So then, are there Succubi in the game, or is this just something of an addition or wish-list thing?

    Thanks for the info!!!


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    Unfortunately, no. Which is kinda out of place, considering there are demons in the game. I still enjoyed the game regardless, and downloaded a succubus pack.

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    Actually you can build characters like that in the game, however a mod needs to be downloaded from the fansite (tesnexus.com) this mod adds a demon race to the game. The mod is called “Chingari & Ismelda’s Demon Race” i believe.

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    Thank you for the info!

    Was not aware of that!


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