Temptations XXVI – Gavin and Marie – Part X

The story continues between Gavin and Marie… Still think I could have done better than I did here…


Temptations XXVI – Gavin and Marie – Part X

By TeraS and Gasman

Marie entered the shower, the clear door between her and Gavin allowing him a perfect view of her movements within. She stood underneath the shower head and allowed the warm spray to soak her hair and then roll and flow like rivers over her skin. As Gavin watched her hands cupped her breasts and then played with her nipples making her moan and shiver in the heat that was building within her.

She turned to face Gavin then, her bum pressing against the wall of the shower behind her. She looked at him with hooded eyes and then in a soft purr she spoke to him, “Gavin… Undress… You need to be clean for bed… I want you to be perfect in every way Gavin…. I want you in here with me… Your hands cleaning my hair…. Caressing my body… Making certain that nothing of my body is missed by your devoted hands…”

She took a step forward walking through the spray and leaving beads of water over her skin, the light of the room turning them into little sparkles and glints of light spilling from her form. When Gavin was undressed, she opened the door and held out her hand to him. When he gave his hand, she held it lovingly before drawing him into the shower with her.

She turned to stand under the spray, the water making a halo of water around her as she faced him. She cupped his head in her hands and then drew his lips to her own. She gave him a long slow deep kiss as the spray wetted their bodies. Then she broke the kiss before nibbling his lips softly and saying, “Wash me Gavin…. And then when you are done I will allow you the pleasure of having your Mistress wash you in return… If you are a good slave and if you do your best Gavin….”

She looked into his eyes and then whispered, “And you will Gavin…. I know you will…”

Then she waited for him to being his service as she had commanded him to…

The softness of Her lips, the smouldering warmth of Her touch as She embraced him. He was already floating as She wanted him to perform a task so personal, so… intimate. He was desperate not to disappoint, and that prevented him from anticipating what followed. His heart was beating like a bass drum in his chest, his hands hanging awkwardly at his sides, until logic told him that if She wanted him to bathe Her, then clearly She wasn’t going to toss him aside for a respectful touch. His palms, gingerly, found Her waist and he melted into the kiss, the feeling of Her lips and body on his causing him to simmer with devotion.

She was an angel beneath this rain, and She wanted to let him serve…

He carefully nodded, his desire being fed by the promise. He initially searched, with his eyes, for a sponge, before discarding the notion for two reasons, She hadn’t objected to his touch, so proper respect would likely keep him safe, and there wasn’t one to be found. Carefully, he lathered his hands with the rather expensive looking cream that was nestled in one corner, and he slowly, thoroughly began his task. A task he took very seriously, making sure not a speck of dust remained on his Mistress’ perfect form. His nimble fingers massaged, scrubbed and rinsed Her slender arms, Her lovely neck and back, Her flat tummy and on down to Her petite feet and up to Her silky hair.

The came the areas where he was most cautious, but most keen to do properly. Her rounded breasts were carefully cleansed, every touch both painstaking and feather-light, only the very tiniest amount of his true need, true desire showing as he grazed stiffened nipples, and hovered every so slightly as he rounded them. Her thighs and most private delta received the most attention and the lightest touch, almost teasing as he ran his attentive fingers over and around Her mound, taking only a moment to enjoy the sensation of Her softness as he rinsed the day’s toils from Her body…

Marie closed her eyes and awaited Gavin to begin his task. At the first touch of his hands she smiled and let out a little moan of appreciation as he expressed his devotion to her in the way he moved over her skin. When she felt him begin to move towards her back, she turned around for him, raising her arms into the air and then placing them against the shower wall. Her back was bent away from him making it necessary for Gavin to move just close enough that his hard cock rubbed invitingly between her cheeks….

She sighed as his hands worked over her shoulders and then towards her rear. She pouted a little bit as his shaft moved away from her, but then the touch of his hand over her curves excited her once again. Marie luxuriated in the feeling of Gavin’s hands as they reverently caressed her skin. She smiled at the warm careful touch as he hinted at the needs within him as he passed by her stiff nipples and so close to her quivering sex with that so soft touch of his…

When the last of the soap had been washed from her skin, Marie turned around and said in a husky voice, “You have pleased me Gavin…. Remain there…. It’s time for your reward…”

She picked up the bottle of soap and began to look after Gavin’s body as he had down for her…. But with a slight difference…. She washed him slowly and carefully, her nails pressing against his skin on occasion as she played her hands over him. When the soap was covering him completely save his shaft, then she took her soapy hands and cupped his sack with one hand while sliding her soapy hand up and down his length…

It was almost torture….. A long slow stroke with the sounds of the soap squishing from her hands and then she would give him a little squeeze with her hand making him pulse in need… She spent more time on stroking and massaging his stiff rod than he thought he could ever stand, but like a good slave, he obeyed her last command and managed to keep from cumming as she played with him….

Finally she moved her hands from him and then took him under the shower head to wash the soap from his body as well as any that had spilled upon her….

Then she reached behind Gavin to turn the shower off…. Her kiss was a surprise as her nude body pressed against him…. And the words from her lips just made it so much better, “Gavin… Fetch some towels so that we can be dry…. Before you make me all wet again…”

While his obedience to his gorgeous, and newly outwardly affectionate, Mistress prevented him from giving in to the exquisite assault on his manhood, it did not extend to his voice, which filled the steamy cubicle with moans, gasps and half-mumbled begs as he was pushed, frankly, beyond the brink and still restrained himself. It wasn’t an easy task, as one could imagine, each stroke and squeeze causing his shaft to throb and his whole body to thrum with pleasure, the intensity of which was becoming so much it was broaching on the border of being painful.

Less exhausting was the feel of Her hands running over the rest of his body, Her pert ass wiggling as it had done when he had been bathing Her. Each touch sent a warm glow into him, and the unexpected kiss produced a bubbling warmth right in his belly as he melted into the embrace, allowing Her arms to snake around him, drawing him in, his own only able to make a show of sliding hands on to Her hips.

Then they were done. And Her words sent a hopeful, and slightly playful, smile onto his lips. Perhaps She was going to allow his release tonight? Even if not, the thought of producing such a response in his owner had him buzzing with pride and joy. He swiftly hopped out of the shower, his cock still bobbing in arousal, and lifted one hand to help Her step out gracefully as She deserved. He then retrieved a fine towel, cloud-soft and just as thick, and began to dry Her. He was less hesitant here, the towel dulling any chance of displeasing her by a wrong move, and so, despite a moment’s lingering on her rounded tush, he finished with some haste, yet still managed to pay enough attention to be thorough.

He used a similar towel to dry himself, although the air had started to do the job, and finished in even less time, his towelling of himself far less reverent and gentle…


As I said, something wasn’t right in all of the writing and I still can’t put my finger on it exactly…

More next week…


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    • James on September 15, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    I am actually enjoying your writing more in this section, Majesty, for, while Marie is still firmly a domme, she is not a harsh domme. It may not be perfect, but it is charming and enticing and enjoyable.

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