Sep 12 2009

The Queen saw Jennifer’s Body…

By this point in time, most of you have heard of Megan Fox’s new Succubus movie Jennifer’s Body…

Jennifer's Body Movie Poster

My hubby and I attended the premiere of this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this past week at it’s Midnight Madness showing…

I’m going to make several notes about the movie, but not really spoil the entire thing as that wouldn’t be fair to anyone that wants to see it.

But I am going to talk about the portrayal of a Succubus in the movie as that is what I am interested in…

Megan makes a really delicious looking Succubus. That I don’t really have an issue with. She’s sexy and seductive, very much in the way a Succubus would act…

Here’s where it goes off the rails a bit.

Now I understand that this is a teen horror/comedy movie. I do really. But the amount of blood and gore that is the result of her having her way with people in the movie isn’t really how a Succubus acts.

The other part of it that bothers me is that she is “possessed” by a Succubus. Succubi don’t possess people, at least not the the classical sense of it.

I’m not going to write the entire plot of the movie, I will make a longer, more detailed discussion of the whole thing after it’s major release because that is the fair thing to do.

But I am going to post my rating on the movie here.

6 out of 10 pitchforks.


Because, regrettably, they have in this movie, really taken a ham-fisted swing at a Succubus here.

It would have been better if they would have reduced the gore by half and increased the Succubus special effects budget with the difference…

Still hoping for a real Succubus movie…



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    More often than not–as you and I have discussed many times, Majesty–TV and movie producers are not as interested in portraying a good story and tradition correctly as they are in making money. While there is evidence that both can be done, it requires effort and intelligence. Finding financial backing, effort, and intelligence all in the same place is far too rare an event.

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