A Delicious Demoness…

I have posted one other image of a Succubus by the artist Ericka Baque in the Tale…

I came across another of her works last night  which is titled Demoness…

Demoness by Ericka Baque

You can find this artwork on sale here.

And the artist Ericka Baque’s site is here.

I really love this entire concept a bunch… From the tail and horns to the wonderfully delicious black art over her skin becoming her clothing, it’s a truly lovely rendition of a Succubus or Demoness…

Possibly one of the best that I have ever seen…

I hope to have my copy of this art in our home soon….


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    says on September 11, 2009

    You are right, Majesty, she is very delicious and idea invoking. But I already have too much of a story backlog atm *sighs*.

    Maybe soon.


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