Sep 09 2009

Thoughts on CCP’s Succubus Club…

For those of you that weren’t aware, CCP had a Succubus Club event recently…

You can read about it here if you want to.

So, having looked at what was there, I have but one thing to ask…

Are they kidding?

I mean, honestly, I shuddered at the entire event when I got the details on it from a friend that attended it.

He summarized it as being disappointing that there was not one Succubus there that looked like one…

I have to agree with him, there was, from the images on the web of it, that it was a half-hearted attempt at best….

Which is a shame…

I mean, seriously, given a bit more work on getting some decent outfits for the girls involved, for example some of the costumes I have posted on the Tale from time to time… It would have looked better…

Now I suppose that in truth it was meant to be more Goth than Succubi, and I can understand that but…

Generally speaking most game players expect Succubi to look sexy and more importantly, be sexy….

This wasn’t…

Maybe next time, if there is a next time at a Con, they will give some serious thought to what they are doing… Come to think about it, I wonder why they didn’t offer passes to cosplayers that were dressed as Succubi or other beings from the games that CCP produces?

That along would have added some needed class to the entire thing…



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    Well, what can we expect from people who would host a succubi party without consulting the queen?

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    *shakes head* Bikinis and vampire teeth do not a Succubi make.

    *huggles the real deal*

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    Whats most moronic about this post is its based on complete uninformed second hand BS. Your bagging on an event you didnt even attend about a company and and a product you obviously dont even know, and are completely ignorant in regards to.

    The Succubus Club is a fictional Vampire club set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting. Its not about dorky devil themed WoW girls with horns and tails. CCP/White Wolf has been theming their Vampire indusrty parties “The Succubus Club” as far back as the mid ’90’s. Ask anyone thats been to Gen Con for I dunno, say the last FIFTEEN YEARS. Thats a fuck ton cooler and more original than “The Blizzard Party”.


    CCP throws the most bad ass parties in the industry and maybe next time you will do a little first hand reasearch before you trash talk things you are obviously clueless about.

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    Considering that I have read the source material on WoD, I understand that it’s about vampires, thing is, and it happens a bunch, they mix up the Succubus myth with vampires which isn’t right. Have a look at the Succubus myth… Where does it say that they are undead beings?

    Setting that aside, my comment was on the girls at the party which honestly could have been better… Note I talked about letting cosplayers in there to give it a bit of class…

    Something else… Succubi = Sexy… Don’t see a lot of that there, whether vampiric or not really…

    Anyway, you have your opinion and I have mine… Bet you didn’t think yours would appear did you?


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