Temptations XXV – Gavin and Marie – Part IX

If the dark wants you, can you say no? That is a question to be pondered… Whether you are a Succubus or not.


Temptations XXV – Gavin and Marie – Part IX

By TeraS and Gasman

Gavin had beamed when his work had met with Her approval, and he had almost sprinted to the head of the table in order to pull the chair out for his Mistress. He made an earnest gesture for Her to sit, not demanding but almost puppy-like, hoping that he had done the right thing. When She sat, he knew that he had, and the joy at that knowledge practically radiated from him. He dutifully retrieved his own plate, a less elaborately laid out version of the same meal on a less elegant setting and seated himself on Her right side.

First, She’d approved of the meal, then She’d complimented it, and now She was allowing him to sit here while She toyed with his leg, stroking him softly, soothingly with one foot. Gavin was glowing with the pleasure that came of submitting and obeying his Mistress, but something seemed different. Mistress seemed less intense, but warmer than before. He was less tense, less afraid of failing Her, and Her smile reached Her eyes, a flicker of affection visible in them, if still looking at him as what he was. A slave to his wonderful Mistress’ needs.

“Thank you, Mistress, you’re very kind…” he said, as he shyly met her gaze before beginning his meal.

Marie enjoyed her meal slowly. Gavin was captivated by watching the silver fork raise to her lips. Then watching them part before wrapping around the fork trapping the morsel of food within before the fork drew away. The thought of her lips around his stiff member made him tremble slightly in need. Marie finished the last bit of food and then pushed herself back from the table.

Gavin moved to stand, but Marie said in a commanding voice, “Stay there Gavin… I wish it..” Then she stood and walked around the table to stand behind him. She drew her slender fingers over his neck slowly. They moved upwards inch by inch until he felt her tracing through his hair. Marie then spoke to him again, “Gavin… You are my slave… As such you will obey me in all things… All of my needs are yours as it should be… You have dressed by my will… You have served by my will… And soon… Soon you will pleasure by my will…”

She moved closer to him, the scent of her perfume around him. She played her hands over his chest and towards his needy cock. She nibbled his ear slightly and said, “Gavin… What is a slave’s most important duty? What is a slave’s most important role? Tell me Gavin. Are you ready to serve me? I will command you in the ways that please me… How to lap at my pussy. How to present yourself to your Mistress in her bedroom. Are you prepared Gavin?”

One of her hands finally twined around his cock and began to stroke him slowly. She whispered to him, “You serveme Gavin. And that gives you pleasure like you have never felt before. But you know two things Gavin. You will never cum before me. You will never not be ready to serve my needs…”

She gave him a little squeeze and then said, “Leave the plates for tomorrow. Make the shower ready for me. Then you will undress me and bathe me. If I am pleased… I might allow you my pleasures there and in bed…. If not… Then you will have to wait until you please me again Gavin…”

Her hands moved away and she took a single step backwards before saying a single word, “Obey.”

Gavin started off in simple, simmering arousal, nuzzling into his Mistress’ touch as She stroked his hair, able to enjoy just sitting where he was because She had commanded him to. He lazily nodded his assent to everything Mistress told him, the progression making both perfect sense and creating a light anticipation within him, his desire for Her causing his arousal and imagination to run away with one another at the prospect of pleasuring Her more completely. Every sensuous caress of Her fingers felt better than an embrace from someone else.

Then Her hands drifted down, gently, but expertly stroking his bared chest, Her perfumed scent slowly enveloping him as She drew closer, whispering into his ear, his head.

“Mmmsssserving… Ohhh-beying…” he moaned in answer, shivering with rising need.

Her words spoke deeply to the part of him that had been reshaped to Her whim. Being commanded by Her sent ripples of joy and desire through him. Learning how to better serve had him almost bursting and the promise of Her bedroom had him almost boiling over.

Then he felt perfect fingers upon his hard cock. Stroking and stroking soooo slowly, just enough to stoke him a little hotter, bring his focus just a little lower, dull his mind just a little more. And Her words floated into him, burrowing deep within to reinforce their predecessors. He could feel the little gate in himself, the one which controlled his orgasm and which was only opened by his Mistress, only when She peaked could he cum. And only if She wished him to…

And as he almost sprinted from the room, he knew he would do, say or be whatever was needed of him to have the opportunity to please Mistress in this way. To serve Her with his body as much as with his mind. He made sure the shower was warm, but not scalding, and added a few rose petals which were obtained from a hallway vase, partly to display his devotion, partly for their aphrodisiac quality, although he was not fully aware of the latter.

“Mistress? It’s ready…” he called.

Marie walked slowly down the hallway towards the shower. Gavin could clearly the click of her heels as she came closer and closer to him. When she came into view, it was like he had tunnel vision. All there was in his eyes was his Mistress. She came closer and closer. Each step…. Each sound of her heels clicking on the floor making his cock twitch in anticipation of her being within his touch and allowing him to obey her wishes.

After what seemed an eternity, Marie stood in front of him. She held a single glass of champagne in one hand and smiled warmly as he awaited her. She took a sip from the glass leaving a bright red lipstick mark upon it. Then she said, “I am pleased Gavin…. You may have some of my drink as well…”

Then she tilted the glass to his lips. She allowed him a sip of it and then placed the glass on the countertop close by. Returning to him, her right hand wrapped around his stiff cock and stroked it as another reward for his efforts. She pressed her lips to his and then he tasted the champagne, her lipstick and her pleasure in him pass over his lips and into his senses.

Her one hand continued to hold his cock as her other hand cupped his cheek as the kiss continued. She held the kiss just long enough that he was on the edge of cumming in her hand as she pumped him over and over again. But then she was merciful to him and released her warm hold on his member.

She smiled and stroked her hand against his cheek. The pleasure from that one touch of her hand making him want to fall to his knees. He wanted to return the pleasure to her, but like the good slave he was, Gavin would never assume her wants and needs. He whimpered slightly awaiting her commands. His body cried out to his mind that he needed to cum…. Needed to release all that pent up cum within him, but her words to him held him fast,You will not cum until I do.

She was silent for a moment, but then she said, “Gavin…. Undress me…”

Then she stepped back and awaited his service of her needs…

He barely knew where he was when She walked in, the rest of the room becoming unimportant. And then Her touch, the fizz of the champagne, Her kiss… His knees quivered and his cock throbbed, achingly. His body cried out for release, but his mind, his desires would not allow it. If Mistress hadn’t climaxed, then he could not, if She didn’t want him to, he would not. If She desired, he’d forever be a quivering ball of lust, eternally hard and needy for Her. He was grateful, however, that She released his shaft eventually. As good as it felt to have Her stroke him over and over, it also drove him mad, as much as the gentle caresses made his knees weak and inflamed his need to obey and serve Her.

He simply shivered, gasped and whimpered, like a puppy needing fed until She ordered him once more.

He swiftly obeyed, spears of arousal erupting within him as he began to fulfil Her wishes. He started with the corset she wore, slowly unlacing it, being careful not to tangle any lacing and then gently removing it, not maintaining his touch with Her perfect, tantalizingly round breasts any longer than necessary as he didn’t have permission. Then came the shoes. He took similar care, making sure the heels would be in immaculate condition when needed again. The urge to kiss Mistress’ foot was powerful, but Gavin resisted. Then the stockings, where he allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of rolling each down Her silken thighs and smooth, taut calves. Still, they were also tenderly draped over an empty towel rail. Finally, the satin panties. He trembled slightly as he hooked his fingers over Her curved hips and began to slide the garment down those shapely legs. He paused for only a millisecond to breathe deeply of Her scent, his own sex pulsing with the sheer lust he held for the woman who owned him so completely. The black briefs joined the rest of Her clothing, neatly folded beside him.

His eyes were now free and stared up at Her from his knees. An almost-hourglass figure, perfect skin, beautiful kissable breasts, legs which begged to be be caressed, an ass which would make others weep, and a face with such smouldering eyes and teasing lips that it almost hurt to look at Her for too long…

“Thank you for that honour, Mistress…”

He watched as She gracefully stepped into the shower, not moving an inch except for his eyes, which followed Her every move with worship and need…


I tried to be less the evil b*tch and more something that I wanted to play here, but I don’t think that the idea played out right…

Still more next week…


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    • James on September 9, 2009 at 9:34 am

    This is still great fun, and you both wrote/played it so well, Majesty.

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