Temptations XXIV – Gavin and Marie – Part VIII

Marie’s darkness deepens, but she resists, the Queen of the Succubi revels in it all…


Temptations XXIV – Gavin and Marie – Part VIII

By TeraS and Gasman

Marie sipped at the wine slowly in time with Gavin’s attentions to her pussy. A lick of his tongue. A slip of her wine. Slowly but surely the wine in her glass disappeared as his attentions to her needs continued. She finished the wine and set the glass forgotten on the floor beside her. Then her fingers slithered through his hair until she held his locks tightly. She turned him this way and that until he was placed for her pleasures.

As Gavin’s tongue slid across her folds and pressed within her heat she whispered a word on occasion…

Yessssssss…… That’s so goooood….. Good slave…..

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…… niceeeeee….

Yes….. Oh yessss……

But then in the middle of a gasp a single word spoken in confusion…


In the next moment, Marie pulled him tightly against her needy sex and the growled, “Make your Mistress cum slave… Be quick about it….”

Gavin doubled his efforts and Marie’s body quaked in the pleasure, her moans and squeals of pleasure growing by the second. She pulled his head backwards as she approached the edge of orgasm. She forced him to look into her eyes. She was in the throws of the pleasure, her face flushed and hot from the attentions he gave….

But her eyes….

For a brief moment, Marie’s eyes changed back to the green of the other Marie…

And she was horrified….

Then her eyes returned to that of his Mistress and she screamed in pleasure from the orgasm that exploded though her…. As she enjoyed the afterglow of it, she ran her fingers through his hair and growled, “A good start slave… You will do better next time…”

At Her touch on his head, Gavin slowed for just a moment to revel in the feeling, before diving into Her muff with renewed vigour, spending special care on whatever area he was guided to. Her words, moaned in pleasure and praise, had his mind soaring, each one making his heart beat faster, his breath come quicker, his cock get harder. All making him more Hers.

Then he froze at the odd word out. His brow furrowed, confused. Was Mistress unhappy? Should he stop? He didn’t wish Her to be upset, especially not if he could prevent it.

But She quickly countered his hesitation by urging him on, demanding that he bring Her as much pleasure as possible. he did so, burying himself in her pussy, letting it become the only thing in the world to him, his very existence being reduced to how well and how long he could lick her damp folds and suck her throbbing clit until…

His face was pushed away, covered in Her juices, and he could see Her eyes flicker for a moment, causing an almost imperceptible hum to start in his ear, like a amplifier being turned on. It felt familiar, that look of despair, those green eyes…

Just as quickly it was gone and he basked in Her words, relishing the chance to improve and bring Her more satisfaction the next time.

“Yes, Mistress! Thank you…” he paused, for an instant considering questioning… something… but quite what eluded him, “I hope I was at least of some use to you… Do you wish me to serve you in any other way?”

Marie’s eyes were focused on him as he asked the question of her. She seemed to be weighing his efforts and then said, “You did well slave…. Well enough for now to please me… You will give more effort into making my pleasure last longer…” She motioned with a hand to the side of the chair and followed him with her eyes and he knelt beside her on the floor.

She slowly ran her fingers through his hair and said, “You have dinner to prepare slave… You will do so and then when it is ready you will have the honour of serving your Mistress her dinner. When that is completed, you will sit at your place at my table and have dinner with you Mistress… Your reward will be to enjoy the same meal that you create for your Mistress…”

She casually reached a hand to his cock and began to stroke it slowly as she spoke, “Then… After dinner… You will undress me at my bed and then pleasure your Mistress until my needs are fulfilled…. Then if I am suitably satisfied…. I will permit you to have your cock within your Mistress’s perfect pussy…”

She stroked him slowly but firmly until his cock was almost purple in colour. Then she said, “Now slave… A gift…. Stand…”

After Gavin stood beside her, she gripped his cock again and then blow across the tip of it. She did not look up as she said, “You will not cum until I allow it slave…. You will be in bliss as I give you some small pleasures for your service…. And you will obey me….”

She kissed the tip of his cock lightly and then said, “Always…. Won’t you….. slave?”

His heart nearly pounded out of his chest as he awaited Her verdict, and thumped harder still in elation as She was pleased, if not completely. Her eyes tugged on him and turned his knees to rubber as She guided him to where She desired him to be.

“Thank you, Mistress… I will do better next time…” he said, his head bowed as he knelt, “Your slave sometimes loses himself when allowed to worship you so intimately…”

He stiffened with pride and pleasure as She caressed his head and silently processed his new duties. Immediately he began to think and consider what he would prepare. Should he ask? Or would the fact that he was unsure disappoint or upset Her? Best to improvise. Gavin was not the best chef, but he had a few skills and could probably put together a simple, somewhat elegant dish with the appropriate ingredients and tools available. Perhaps a simple…

His breath caught in his throat and all thoughts of cookery were obliterated as She began to tease and stroke him. Each repetition more forceful, a little slower, drawing it out. As much torture as reward, if it was even that. His cock was like molten iron by this point, harder than it had ever been and twitching at every touch. All concentration was focused on not succumbing to the ecstasy before permitted to. As of yet his need to please outweighed his need to cum, a happy hum accompanying that revelation at the back of his mind..

He moaned in reply to Her promised reward, not fully comprehending but aware of the tremendous honour and the amazing bliss it would entail.

As She pushed him yet further, his knees close to buckling almost as soon as they began supporting his weight again, he shuddered. Her breath sending ripples of heat through him that few full sexual encounters had matched. Her lips had definitely not been surpassed.

“Alwaysss…” he hissed, in total agreement with Her statements.

Finally, after some moments to come back to his senses, Gavin left for the kitchen and carefully, painstakingly laid out pots, pans and ingredients for a quick pepper chicken dish. He quickly prepared two fillets for the recipe and began the job of preparing the pepper coating. Taking some time to chop and mix some vegetables for an equally simple garden salad, he then finished the preparations and began cooking the poultry…


Some time later, he carefully walked to the polished dining table of Marie’s lavish abode and laid out the plate at the head. His own lay still in the kitchen, awaiting Her approval before retrieving it for himself.

Gavin heard the sound of heels clicking across the wood floor of the living room and then watched as Marie appeared at the edge of the dining room. She regarded the meal with a critical eye for a moment and then said, “I am pleased with your efforts slave…. You may seat me at the table…”

She approached her place, her eyes watching Gavin’s movements as he drew her chair to the side and beckoned her to seat herself. After she sat and was comfortable, she turned her head to look at him and said, “Thank you slave…. Gavin… The meal looks wonderful… I am pleased with your talents…. I will allow you the honour of sitting at my right hand for the meal…”

With a casual wave of her right hand she watched him disappear into the kitchen to get his meal. She waited for him to return with his meal and sit himself at the proper place there. She sipped some wine from a glass and considered what she would have him do next…

The thoughts passed through her mind, “Make him beg? Have him pleasure me within care for him own needs? Perhaps make him lay at the foot of my bed for the night naked and shivering in the cold…

Then for a moment a searing flash of pain gripped her as the real Marie make her disgust known, “You will not harm him… You have made him suffer enough… He gave himself to you thinking it was me…. I will not have you harm him…. I might not remember when I am in control… But I know now… And you will not win this… Not now… Not ever…

As Gavin returned, Marie was looking away from him as if distracted by something. When she turned back to him as he sat at the table, her purple eyes had a tinge of green around the edges. She gave him a smile that was not cruel, but held love for him and said, “Enjoy your meal Gavin… And thank you for your service…”

She then began to eat her meal, occasionally looking in his direction observing his movements. She raised a leg slightly and rubbed the side of her shoe against his bare leg as he ate his meal, a warm feeling passing through him relaxing him and reducing the worry he had felt that his service was not perfect….


Still was uneasy writing like this… I never could “do” mean and nasty worth a damn…

More next week….


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    • James on September 1, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    Actually, as painful as I’m sure it was for you to write, you write it very well. Extra special huggles today.

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