Temptations XXIII – Gavin and Marie – Part VII

Marie turns darker and Gavin succumbs to her will… And in the background the Succubi Queen plots and schemes…


Temptations XXIII – Gavin and Marie – Part VII

By TeraS and Gasman

Waves of rightness seemed to wash up against Gavin’s mind as she corrected him. She was his Mistress. He worshipped Her. He lived to please and obey Her. She practically owned him. Everything his conscious mind could think of said that it made sense to be though of as Her property. Still, a tiny little hum of doubt kept him from giving himself over to that.

But when She left, he began to teeter on the edge. A mild panic began to fill him, as She hadn’t said why She was going or where. Had he upset Her by not admitting She owned him completely? But his fears seemed unfounded when She returned with the collar in hand, dropping it gently next to him. He shivered as She caressed him with Her lovely foot. Just being touched by Mistress was wonderful. His face softened from the dread he’d felt when she left to a pleasurable smile.

He still wasn’t sure he was Her property, but he knew he had duties to Her. And being obedient and exactly what She wanted him to be was the most important, without question. Or it was now. He’d do whatever She desired, be who or whatever She wished, please Her in any way She chose…

He nodded vigorously in agreement with Her words. He needed to be marked, collared. As he looked down at the shiny red loop, he began to feel truly naked. Improper. He had to put it on! It wasn’t right to sit here before Mistress so indecent and exposed. What would She think of him?

He picked it up and placed it around his neck, trembling in the joy of obeying as he did so. The buzz of resistance was almost silent now, barely holding him back from giving into her 100%, but not nearly enough to stop him from admitting to himself who owned him.

“I’m… I’m yours, Mistress. Your slave, your toy, your worshipper, your slut, your lover, whatever you want me to be, I am… But above all that. I’m… your property. Yours. If such a perfect, beautiful Mistress will have me…”

Marie smiled as Gavin put the collar around his neck. She leaned a bit closer to him and then slipped a single finger underneath it. She tugged on it, pulling Gavin backwards towards her. Her lips were so close to his right ear as she whispered, “That’s right. Mine. All mine. You are almost ready to cum at that thought aren’t you Gavin? If I told you that you were my favorite slave… My precious one… You would cum so hard wouldn’t you?”

She pulled her finger away and then said, “Your proper place. You remember it don’t you? At my beck and call. Your entire being needing my commands to provide you with the pleasure you seek. That craving for my touch. That need to worship my body. All of that and more.”

She leaned back in her chair with an amused look, “You will need to present yourself properly of course. You will wear the clothing of my slave. You will answer to slave. You will be my slave. Nothing else will do.”

Then Marie casually said, “You will dress. You will then turn to kneel at my feet. You will tell me just how much I…. Your Mistress mean to you. Then if you are worthy. I might grant you release. Perhaps.”

She raised a hand and then snapped her fingers, saying as she did, “Begin Slave.”

Her touch. Her breath. Her words… Each sent shcokwaves of pleasure through him and filled him with renewed need that made his body sing and mind hum. He needed to serve and obey Her, he needed the bliss that came with bringing Her pleasure. And whether or not Her words would’ve been true before, he knew that such praise, the knowing that She favoured him even in some small way would push him over the edge.

Then again, Mistress was so pefect, so unbelievably gorgeous that Her presence alone had him so hard. So horny. One word and he would cum harder than he’d ever done before, without so much as a touch. But She hadn’t said he could, and for some reason, he felt like he shouldn’t until she specifically wished. The hum in his head, the desire that buzzed within seemed very insistent on that.

“Oh yessss… Misstresss…”

He nodded in assent with Her description of his proper place. She was his Mistress, of course he was there to fulfill Her every whim, and so obviously he needed commands to follow. And it felt sooo good to foillow them after all. Npt to mention that Mistress was the definition of beauty, so needing to adore Her body more with every second he felt he could drink Her in with his eyes without offense was to be expected. She deserved to be completely pampered, feeling pleasure however She would wish at every moment…

Her slave bowed his head as She further defined him. It was utterly inexcusable that he not be dressed appropriately. A slave should dress as his Mistress wanted. He may be named Gavin, but slave was who he was now, and as long as She wished him to be so, it would be his first priority.

He again indicated his understanding and began to dress, picking up the one piece garment, it’s deep black colour contrasting sharply with his collar, but he finally discovered it’s proper placement and drew it on over his legs. After much squeezing and wriggling, he finally managed to get the pants, or chaps really, on in such a manner that they could be fastened. He did so, marvelling at how clever Mistress was. The outfit cleaerly marked him as belonging to her, while keeping his still-rigid cock on disaply for her. In fact, it only covered his legs, and a beltlike are of his waist, leaving everything else bare. A pair of mocassin-like shoes were the only other clothing given, and he easily slid into them.

He knelt in front of Her and began to speak, his voice quiet but utterly sincere and coloured with an undercurrent of needful worship. Release was not his goal, but simply a pleasant possibility. She wished him to speak of what She meant and so he would.

“Mistress… You are everything to me. I don’t know if I could survive Your absence anymore than if I could live without air. Any other woman pales to Your beauty, Your intellect, Your power. A smile from You is more precious than diamonds, Your happiness what I live for… Every inch of You is perfect, from the ends of Your hair to the tips of Your toes. I would do anything to please You. Walk on hot coals, march across arctic wastes, I would kiss the bottom of Your shoe if it would give a moment’s joy… All that isn’t even half of what you mean to me…”

Marie didn’t say anything for a minute or so after Gavin finished speaking. She simply sat regally in her chair watching him. Whether she was pleased or angered by him was unclear. Then she leaned forward and touched a single finger to his forehead. She then said, “You will be hard whenever I wish it… Your body is attuned to my needs  completely…. When I wish to have your cock…. It will be perfectly hard and ready to please me….. The only way that you will be able to cum is the moment after your Mistress does…”

She leaned back into her chair and then said, “Now then slave. You will go into the kitchen and bring me a glass of white wine… You will return carrying it on a silver platter and then while I enjoy my wine you will place yourself at my pussy lapping at my folds…”

Marie lifted a foot just enough to stroke the tip of it along his cock and against the bare skin that the chaps did not cover as she continued, “I expect that you will then offer yourself to be used in anyway that I find amusing before dinner….”

She tapped a fingernail against the arm of the chair and then said, “Perhaps you will have the honour of being desert as well…. But your service to me will see to that…. Begin slave…. Your Mistress awaits…”

After the agony of uncertainty lasting an age, he nearly collapsed when She touched him again. Her words bypassed his ears almost entirely and writ themselves into his thoughts. Her cock… Hard when She wishes… Exist to fulfill Her needs… Soooo hard, soooo eager and ready to please… Cannot cum until Mistress does… When Her touch was removed, he took a moment to come back to himself, blinking slowly. He could almost feel a trhum of energy, of life nearby. It wasn’t quite real, but he knew that he was so in tune with his Mistress that it may as well be. His cock, or Mistress’ really, stood rigid as it had ever been, but absolutely static on the precipice it was holding him on.

Nodding his obedience to Her request, he smoothly stood, stifling a moan as She caressed him with one foot, his body responding by shivering in need and his throat letting out a sound he’d only just muffled. Hopefully She was not wishing him to show his pleasure without restraint at this time, but if so, then his failure to conceal it would potentially be pleasing to Her. As he recovered from Her perfect foot, he stepped into the kitchen and sorted through an extensive wine rack, picking out a vintage Riesling, and pured it into a finely crafted glass. A little more searching was rewarded with a polished platter upon which to bear the drink.

He carefully walked back into the main room and approached his Mistress. Kneeling once he reached Her, he presented the tray to Her. Once the glass was taken, he awaited Her approval before continuing with his assigned duties. After another eternity, it was given and Mistress parted her thighs enough for his tongue to begin it’s work.

As soon as he touched her folds, Gavin’s mind was overcome by the sheer ecstacy of tuching, tasting, smelling… Of every one of his senses being overwhelmed by Her and doing so at Her order. The joy of Her being the centre of everything to him only compelled him to lap as fervently and as passionately as possible, while trying to keep his pace reasonable. Not wishing to upset Her by rushing. But Her sweet juices, Her musk in his nose, the softness of Her skin… And the occasional word or sound from Her, directed at him or not, made his whole body buzz with desire and joy.


Marie, I think, was too harsh and evil for my liking to be honest, I suppose that is why I found myself hesitating so much in this RP…

More next week…


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    • James on August 25, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Yes, Marie is rather dark for you, Majesty, but you wrote her rather brilliantly.

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