Aug 23 2009

Not actually a bad Succubus Costume…

I came across this Succubus costume because of a link that a reader of A Succubi’s Tale sent me this weekend…

Shiny Succubus Costume

You can find this on sale here.

What you get with this outfit is the black horns, the corset and dress, the choker and the pitchfork. You don’t get the boots or the petticoat. The outfit is made of shiny vinyl material.

You need the boots for this one. Seriously. I can’t see it working with anything else really…

This outfit sells for $50 USD generally, the boots sell around the $40 mark…

I think that a pair of black vinyl shoulder-length gloves would be a nice addition to this as well…

Oh, and the tail would have to be altered, that just looks wrong…

Rating: 4 of 5 pitchforks for the quality and the look mainly, just needs a better tail.


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    Oh, yes, most decidedly THUD worthy . . . especially if your Majesty got a red wig and went as Tail.

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