Aug 22 2009

A call for help on an Image search…

I received a request from a reader of A Succubi’s Tale to try to answer the following questions…

Green Zuccubus by.... Who?

Who did this work? Where is a larger version? And is there more like this?

If anyone has the answers, or an idea. please post it in the comments or please email me?

Huggles and thankies!!



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    Luis Royo: http://www.daoine-sidhe.org/galeries/img.php?id_img=239

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    BTW, you might want to check the rest of Royo’s amazing art, there’s tons of stuff in that same gallery, including several succubus-like women.
    Also, just stumbled on this on DeviantArt that you might like: http://fc08.deviantart.com/fs49/f/2009/234/a/4/Demon_Girl_by_MitchFoust.jpg ; there’s other succubi/demonesses in this artist’s gallery as well.

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    Thank you Arthfael! I will pass on that info! As for Mitch Foust…

    Actually he was kind enough to draw me as a Succubi for a Christmas gift… It’s me in a sweater and my tail holding up a sign…


    Someday I’ll post it…


    Thank you again!!!!!!


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