Temptations XXII – Gavin and Marie – Part VI

More of Gavin and Marie and the twisting of the tale that the Queen of the Succubi creates…


Temptations XXII – Gavin and Marie – Part VI

By TeraS and Gasman

She smiled as the shirt fell forgotten to the side and said, “That’s right.. So much better to have the pleasure of obeying me… So much better to have that moment when you know that you have pleased me…. Can you imagine how good it will be when you are pleasuring me?”

She moved back slightly as her hands fell to his pants. She slowly released his belt and then pulled it free of him. She took it and looped it behind his head before grabbing both ends in her hands. She began to pull him slowly up towards her bare breasts as she spoke, “Since you were so good… A reward Gavin…. You may kiss at my breasts and learn the taste of my flesh. You will come to crave it. With each lick the need will expand within you… The desire to touch me with your fingers… Your lips…. Your tongue… It will build stronger and stronger within you like an addiction….”

The smile on her lips was lustful as she whispered, “Now….. Be good and do what I asked of you Gavin…. And the pleasure will be twice as strong within you….”

Gavin’s mind was only just regaining it’s compromised faculties as she nudged him into the imagery of obeying her in a more intimate manner. Kneeling before her, his face buried between those silken thighs, her hands gently, yet firmly guiding him… Lying under her, being ridden until she reached plateau after plateau, the exquisite agony as he held back his own pleasure… His lips caressing her rounded bum… his tongue dancing with hers… his fingers touching her wherever she wished…

“Ohhh… Yesss…” he whispered as the blast of ecstacy subsided, thinking about how much more he could take if she let him pleasure her…

Somehow, the diminishing part of Gavin that knew what was going on, that wanted him to fight this pulled him back from the brink. His head was already being drawn, slack-jawed, to her spectacular bosom as his senses returned, quite battered, but still intact. Even so, his own natural response made it difficult to force himself to resist this ‘reward’. Marie’s breasts, whether this was illusiory or not, were amazing, full but not overly so, even though they probably should’ve been. They were incredibly firm, at least to Gavin’s eye, but didn’t have that false stiffness that marred some women’s. Her nipples were stiff and inviting, hinting at a sensitivity that Gavin very briefly considered trying to use against Marie.

Still, he held back, not truly pulling away, but not allowing her to pull him in easily. Still, that molasses feeling returned, ever so faintly as he used his weight to delay the inevitable. He was so focused on this that he barely even noticed the lack of coherent speech he was producing as his mind split itself between bending to her whims and pushing against them. A faint, “No… Don’t want…” was all he mustered this time.

And finally, he was so close that her promises couldn’t be ignored. He could feel her skin on his cheeks, the electric jolt of bliss that seemed to transmit through such contact startling Gavin enough that he began to nuzzle into her tits without thinking. He could actually feel his erection twitch and throb in praise of his action. It redoubled that when his tongue finally snaked out, curious as to why he was enjoying the soft, but strong sensation of her warm skin on his face. She tasted sweet, delicious, faintly of some kind of fruit, perhaps strawberry and a light salt which told hom she was so into what she was doing that a light sweat was developing. A few licks and he wasn’t even trying to hide it as he lapped at her breats, his lips closing and suckling when possible. Her hard nipple found it’s way between them and he hungrily rolled it under his tongue and  kissed it with passion and abandon. Byt the time he made it over to the other side, his body was shaking with how good she felt, smelled, tasted. It was like being enveloped in sheer pleasure and he wanted more. Needed it. His hands hesitantly made their way to her hips.

That little voice of resistance, however much it may have lost, still held some way, though, and those hands moved very little once they found their resting place, only cressing those hips lightly, and using the simple fact that he was touching her as a way of managing the desire to feel her. It was quickly becoming an uphill battle though. That time, the reluctant capitulation had been a boulder, sending ripples of lust and pleasure through his body. And her smile said that she was enjoying the struggle as much as anything. That it might even be stoking her fire hotter…

Marie seemed to be in her own world at that moment. For a moment she was in her own little world as a orgasm began to roll through her body. She pressed her breast into his mouth needfully…. Her mind pushing thoughts into him needfully…

The ideas pushed against the Gavin that was and replaced it slowly with the Gavin she wanted, “Love Mistress’ breasts…. Need them… Want them…. Love to suckle them…. Pleasure them….

Then she smiled a strange smile and another set of ideas washed into him, “Mistress’ pussy is so perfect… She must be worshipped… Must be obeyed…. Must be pleasured always…. She is all…. She is always… She is…..

Marie’s eyes opened with a flutter. She looked into Gavin’s eyes and said, “Gavin… Shouldn’t you get out of all that clothing? Don’t you think that your Mistress should be able to see all of her property?”

Gavin could feel a strange tingle, which felt like it should be at the back of his head but he instinctively knew it wasn’t. Dimly, he became aware that she was using the little gap she’d created in his head as an opening to pour her idea of what he should be into him. And while he couldn’t tell exactly what was being funneled into him, he could tell that the breach was becoming wider…

Part of why he couldn’t tell waht was being done was because he was captivated by Mistress… by Marie’s beautiful breasts. It felt so good, so right to be drawn in tightly to those heavenly mounds. His lips were constantly moving, kissing and caressing and sucking every inch of that warm flesh. How had he lived without them? Each touch, each taste had him squirming in more pleasure than he could remember experiencing, and a feeling of fulfillment bubbled up inside him as Marie… as Marie… as Mistress moaned her approval. He was doing exactly what he loved most, what he needed most. And he was pleasing her as he did so…

But another, more desperate tingle made Gavin frown slightly. He loved his Mistress bosom more than anything, it made him so excited and happy to serve her bresats and he knew that, so why did it feel… strange? Like maybe he shouldn’t feel so elated about it. He still knew that Mistress was manipulating him, but he hadn’t let her do anything major to him yet, so why did it feel like maybe he was wrong?

Before he could follow that twinge of doubt much further, a new notion drifted to his surface thoughts. He suddenly became more aware of how wonderful Mistress’ (another twinge, but that was what she was called, right?) silk covered pussy felt, rubbing insistently against him as she gently slid up and down against his hidden manhood. It was agony and ecstacy, knowing that such a wonderful part of her was trying to touch him but being prevented. He couldn’t even think why that was now, as Mistress deserved to be worshipped and pleasured in any way she wished. He was just a man after all, and she was everything, prefect, powerful and beautiful. Doing anything but obeying and pleasing her seemed ludicrous.

The twinge of resistance and doubt was very faint now, doing little but holding him back from the edge, mostly by delaying him from giving into the lust and pleasure and climaxing. The sheer power of such sensation would almost certainly leave his mental gates unguarded as it happened.

And even as the little embers of the old Gavin tryed their best to keep burning, he began to kick off his shoes and socks, wriggle out of his trousers and slowly force himself to pull his hands from Mistress’ hips, as she stood, in order to remove his boxers. He swiftly lay naked before her, his cock so hard it almost shook with need.

“‘m not property…” mumbled Gavin without really being aware of it, before more definitely saying, “Is this better… Mis… Mistress?”

Marie smiled as she said, “But you are property Gavin. My property. And since you are that means I can do anything I want with you. And I will.” She turned and walked away from him for a moment disappearing into the next room. When she returned she carried an outfit in her hands made of latex. She dropped it on the ground beside him almost carelessly.

She walked around behind him to have a seat in the chair behind him. She crossed her legs and then rubbed her left shoe against his back slowly as she spoke, “As my property Gavin you have a duty remember? You must be the perfect obedient slave to my wishes. You remember don’t you? Nothing is more important than you meetingevery single one of my needs…”

She drew her foot away and said, “You need to be marked Gavin. Pick up the collar and place it around your throat and tell me what you are. What you have been. What you will always be…”


Still more in this tale to tell…

Next time…


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