Aug 16 2009

First sneak peak image of our Succubus Lost Girl…

I came across an image of Anna Silk as Bo in the Lost Girls Succubus TV series that I posted on a day or so ago…

Anna Silk as Bo from the Lost Girl TV Series

They posted this at the Showcase Blog, which you can see here.

Umm… Well…

They could have picked something more… sexy… Mebby?

I still think she’s promising and I still hope that the series lives up to my hopes for it…

Still with tail and fingers crossed…


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    Well, it is difficult to tell what she is supposed to be doing in that out-of-context pic. If she’s meant to be in seduction mode, or even in freshly-post-coitus mode, then Toronto, we have a problem. But, for now, I suspect we are left to wait and see.

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