Temptations XXI – Gavin and Marie – Part V

Continuing the story of Gavin and Marie… There is so more more to tell…


Temptations XXI – Gavin and Marie – Part V

By TeraS and Gasman

Marie smiled and said, “Don’t you recognize me Gavin? I am Marie… The real Marie… The one that should be in charge all the time… Not that timid little thing that you first saw…”

She sat down so that she trapped him on the couch and then put her hands on the back of the couch trapping him in a cage of her body. She let out a little growl, “She’s no fun… Always worried about what she could do…. Well… I can and do…. I reached into people’s minds and fucked with them… Making them my little toys…. And when I was done with them I threw them all away…”

Gavin had no choice but to look into her purple eyes as she continued to speak, “She thought that by getting Tera mad at her she could escape what she becomes when she uses her power…. But it’s so fucking hot… It makes us cum so hard when we use it….”

A wicked smile crossed her lips as she said, “Turn a fine upstanding woman into a pussy slave… Wonderful… Turn a man into a mindless toy driven only by his cock…. Delicious… And the pleasure only gets better with every one that I mess with Gavin…”

She ran her fingers through his hair and said, “I’m going to get you nice and hard and then I’m going to ride you until you become my latest toy… It’s going to be soooooooo much fun…”

Gavin shook his head shallowly as she proclaimed her identity. What she was saying seemed almost impossible. This vixen sitting atop him, slowly rolling her hips as she settled on to his lap, couldn’t be Marie. No-one could hide this much of their own mind from themself, could they?

“You’re… not Marie,” he calmly retorted, “You couldn’t be. This is some trick. Te…”

He trailed off as those violet eyes locked on to his. His voice fled him. His head felt numb and moving it seemed like the most difficult thing in the world. But all his faculties remained as she purred and moaned about how she loved manipulating and twisting people. A whisper left his lips, barely audible despite how loudly he wanted it to come out.

“You can’t…”

But the rising heat in his stomach, the pounding in his chest which only got louder as she caressed his hair like an owner told a different story. A story of the growing stiffness in his still hidden cock, a situation exacerbated by the slow writhing of Marie, and the constant sensation of the warmth and softness of her skin as she leaned over him. A story which told him that not only could she do as she promised, but the first part wouldn’t even be difficult…

Marie’s lips curled in a smirk as she answered, “We all have a dark side Gavin. I’m just able to come out and play.” She moved a hand to his shirt and plucked at it with her fingers for a moment. Then she said, “You wanted a strong woman to have you? So you shall. I am going to have you in all of the ways I can think of… Your mind will be awash in one thought Gavin… Of the Goddess that owns you… Controls you… Makes your dream a reality…”

She cupped his cheek and said, “You will forget all about her… I’ll make sure that she doesn’t remember you and you will never remember anything but me. You will be the perfect plaything Gavin. You’ll shiver in need at the glimpse of a bit of my skin… You will quake at the thought of my lips touching you anywhere. You will gasp at the thought of a single finger trailing over you…”

Marie’s eyes held no compassion for Gavin as she spoke, “Don’t worry Gavin… You won’t remember this ever happening soon… It will be as if you have always been mine….”

She growled, “Always and forever…”

His attention was quickly split between the sensation of her touch and the sound of her words. The feather-light but lightning-quick removal of buttons from shirt had his breath coming in regular, shallow gasps. He was almost compltely caught up in it, trying to quell the little traitorous flame that had been slowly spreading from her hips and into him. So much so that it took him several seconds to register her words about him wanting a strong woman. A few more for the meaning to hit him. She knew about that? How?

She was already in his head.

His eyes went wide as he realized and he began to struggle as best he could, but he positioning put him at a sincere disadvantage, and whenever he got close to bucking too hard, his body felt like it was moving through molasses, unable to muster any real force. He even stopped for a few long moments as she stroked his cheek aand tiny fireworks of pleasure shot through him from the spot where her finger tips had rested.

He tried to object as she stared at him, eyes burning with pure lust.

“I wo… I wont let you… A few wonderings aren’t dreams… I’m never going to be…”

The lack of conviction was clear even to Gavin’s ears. He wasn’t in charge here, and the chances of him being able to stop her were quite slim. A part of him wasn’t even sure he wanted to. After all, she’d been right about those daydreams. Or what if she’d put the memory of those there? His head spun briefly as the potentail dawned. If Marie had that much power, how could he be sure of anything now?

Marie smiled and said, “That’s right Gavin… You have no idea what is or isn’t you… You have no idea if that need within you to have your cock stroked in my gloved hand is yours or not… You have no idea if that thought of you serving me wearing nothing but a collar is yours or mine….”

She touched a finger to his lips and said, “And soon it won’t matter… Your mind will revolve around pleasing me… Pleasuring me… Obey me totally… I will be all that matters to you…. As it should be Gavin…”

She leaned back a bit and then said, “In fact… You feel so uncomfortable in that clothing don’t you? There is no good reason why you have more clothing on than I do is there?”

Her eyes twinkled and she said, “Take off your shirt Gavin. Lay your chest bare. When you obey the pleasure will become greater… If you don’t…”

She smiled evilly, “Trust me… You don’t want to…”

Images and thoughts swirled around Gavin’s mind quicker than Marie spoke of them. She was right, it was nearly impossible to tell whose they were, the only reason he even believed any of them were still his own was that the pace seemed so frantic that it had to be a jumble of the two. But even that had a note of doubt about it. She could be letting him believe that just to confuse him even more.

But it would feel sooo good to have her hand glide up and down over his stiff cock, unable to do anything about it but feel the pleasure. Or how easy it would be, kneeling at Marie’s feet, waiting for her to tell him what she desired, nude except for a shiny red collar… Why hadn’t he noticed how much he’d wanted that bef-

“No, you’re messing with my head already… Aren’t you? I… I don’t want…” he was easily hushed by her finger, still not able to tell which images were buried in his own head and which were being fed into him from hers.

As she whispered about obeying, it became harder to even want to differentiate. Gavin knew she was probably pushing that desire down, but while he still wanted to keep her out, it wasn’t as urgent or necessary-seeming anymore.

And she made sense after that. It was quite warm in the room, and the shirt was starting to chafe him, right around the collar. It would be so much more comfortable without it. And it did feel rather silly to have this beautiful woman sitting atop him in her underwear while he was fully dressed. She’d already loosened the buttons, thankfully, so it would be simple to just wriggle a little and slide his arms out of the sleeves…

He squeezed his eyes shut for just a second, realizing that he was playing right into her hands. Her soft, wonderful hands… No! He had to resist her, even if only for a little bit, the shirt wasn’t a big step but he needed to show that he wasn’t a pushover.

“No… I think I’m fine for now…”

So he waited. And quickly a deep dread welled up inside him, a feeling of loneliness, depression and pure discomfort in his own skin. It was evry low moment he’d ever had coming back to haunt him, and he could almost hear the whispered promise of equal rapture if he’d just obey. All he had to do was do as she said, and begin to strip. It wasn’t unreasonable, after all.

So, after several agonising seconds, Gavin slipped the shirt off, feeling the warm air and the possessive caress of Marie’s fingers, her red nails gently running over his bared pecs. Her eyes glowed with approval and almost instantly he felt a little flush of pride in having pleased her. He knew he shouldn’t but it was there nonetheless, as well as an unbelievable bolt of pleasure that throbbed outwards from his now rock-hard cock and didn’t fade until it reached the very tips of his fingers and toes…

“Oh… Wow…”


Marie’s other self I thought would be a good change in the story and add something to it, but… I really still am not sure it was the right thing to do…

More to come….


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    • James on August 11, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    You two did some wonderful writing here . . . and it is such fun to pla on the dark side. We have to see where it goes, I guess.

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