Aug 06 2009

Succubi Image of the Week 85

I was looking  for something a bit more artistic for this week’s Succubi…

This qualifies I think…

Regal Succubus by Hakan Achegard.

I don’t know the original name of the image, but I think that Regal fits this. I have posted works by this artist before, who is Hakan Achegard. I think that his works are artistically lovely and in this case, I think that he has placed an air of regality around the Succubus in his image…



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    When I saw “Regal Succubus”, I automatically thought of you. *snugs* Another beautiful piccy, Mistress.

  2. avatar

    She is wonderful and lovely, Majesty, but you’re better looking, and I dare say Keith has aged better than that fellow with her. 😉

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